ACA here to stay, workplace safety, and a decrease in inpatient care

Billy Wynne hosted the most recent edition of the Health Wonk Review, and it’s excellent.  Billy’s website, Healthcare Lighthouse, is an excellent resource that I found thanks to this HWR – check it out if you haven’t already.

Some of my favorite articles in this edition come from Wendell Potter, Julie Ferguson and Brad Flansbaum.

Is the ACA here to stay? Wendell Potter says it is, but that its opponents are not going to give up easily – and thus its supporters need to remain vigilant and Is the ACA here to stay? continue to defend the law and the politicians who have worked tirelessly to improve access to health insurance (and healthcare) for all Americans.  Midterm elections are less than seven months away.  Vote your conscience in November, but as Wendell notes, “… be careful not to be persuaded to vote against your own best interests.”  (That’s especially true for people in red states where the governors have refused to expand Medicaid.  If you’re in the coverage gap in one of those states, make sure you vote this fall for leaders who care about your situation).

Julie has a really interesting article about wearable technology (along the lines of Google Goggles) and how it can improve workplace safety.  Technology is amazing, and Julie’s post highlights some of its more important features.  Apps aren’t just for playing games – they can be lifesavers too.

Brad’s article – complete with lots of good graphs – comes from his perspective as a hospitalist, dissecting the trend towards an increase in outpatient care and a decrease in inpatient care.  While outpatient care is probably more efficient, easier on the patient, and less costly (and certainly the way of the future given all of the medical technological improvements we’re seeing lately), it doesn’t bode well for hospital finances or hiring.  We will always have a need for healthcare professionals, but as with any profession, those who can keep up with change will be the ones who continue to do well.

There are lots of other great articles in this edition of the HWR – don’t miss it!

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