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I'm a wife and mama, and I love to garden and cook. I'm the voice behind the Colorado Health Insurance Insider blog and I enjoy reading about healthcare reform and figuring out how it will impact our clients, based on their specific situations.

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Ways the ACA Could Be Improved Edition of the Health Wonk Review

In Colorado, the snow is melting and the flowers are blooming. The health wonks around the blog world have given us an excellent collection of articles this week, many with suggestions of ways the ACA could be improved.  Our favorite part of hosting the HWR is reading all of the different perspectives that the writers [...]

Short term health insurance is your best option if you missed open enrollment

Short term health insurance plans don’t have an open enrollment period Connect for Health Colorado extended the open enrollment deadline to April 15, but open enrollment in 2014 ACA-compliant plans is now over.  Short term health insurance plans may be the best option if you didn’t get your enrollment submitted on time. The exchange is continuing to [...]

ACA here to stay, workplace safety, and a decrease in inpatient care

Billy Wynne hosted the most recent edition of the Health Wonk Review, and it’s excellent.  Billy’s website, Healthcare Lighthouse, is an excellent resource that I found thanks to this HWR – check it out if you haven’t already. Some of my favorite articles in this edition come from Wendell Potter, Julie Ferguson and Brad Flansbaum. [...]

Colorado making great progress covering the uninsured and underinsured

Last November, the 2013 Colorado Health Access Survey was released with a variety of updated data, including the number of Colorado residents who were uninsured in 2013:  about 741,000.  That was down from 829,000 two years earlier, but is still 14% of our state population.  And it doesn’t include the people who are considered underinsured [...]

Connect for Health Colorado Updates On The End Of Open Enrollment for Health Insurance in 2014

Back in October, six months probably seemed like plenty of time to have open enrollment for health insurance in 2014.  And for all the procrastinators out there – you know who you are! – there was always tomorrow.  But we’re now down to just one week remaining in open enrollment.  The good news is that [...]

Don’t Get Caught By The ACA Individual Mandate Penalty – It’s Not Just $95

As we head into the final week of open enrollment for 2014, there will be plenty of last-minute activity.  Lots of people will be enrolling this week, and if you’re uninsured or covered by a not-so-stellar policy, make sure that you’re among them.  Otherwise, your options will be extremely limited until the 2015 open enrollment [...]

Health Wonk Review at Wright on Health

Brad Wright hosted the most recent Health Wonk Review at his excellent blog, Wright on Health, and it’s a must-read.  Or in some cases, a must-watch.  Check out healthpolicy.tv, a resource submitted to the HWR by Jared Rhoads.  Plenty of good stuff on there, with viewpoints from a variety of political perspectives. And also don’t [...]

Wouldn’t it be more efficient to spread open enrollment across the whole year?

As we head into the final few weeks of open enrollment, there’s likely to be a surge of applications both on an off the exchange.  And that means an uptick in phone calls to carriers and brokers, ID cards and policies being mailed out, premium payments being processed… all of the things that go along [...]

All The Risk That’s Fit To Print

Bob Wilson did a great job with this week’s Cavalcade of Risk, hosted at his Worker’s Compensation site.  Lots of great stuff in this edition, so be sure to check it out. I particularly liked David Williams’ post about CVS and tobacco sales.  I was happy to see the news recently that CVS was ditching [...]

Connect for Health Colorado Exceeding Enrollment Targets

By February 17, Connect for Health Colorado had enrolled 79,779 people in private health insurance plans, and another 128,219 in Medicaid.  Prior to the start of open enrollment, CMS published monthly enrollment targets for each state – based on those numbers, Colorado’s target for the end of February was 73,600 people enrolled in private plans. [...]