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Boulder health insuranceHealth insurance options for small businesses and individuals in Boulder. If you have a business located in or around Boulder with fewer than 50 employees, do you want to have individual plans or get a small business group plan? Boulder health insurance options for individuals and families can be just as overwhelming as the options for small group. If you’re a DIY type, you can start by checking individual rates by getting instant quotes below, but don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or schedule a phone consultation. There are options through the Connect for Health Colorado Exchange/Marketplace if you qualify for financial assistance (subsidies) or off-exchange plans if you don’t qualify. If you own a small business, you may qualify for tax credits if you offer coverage to your employees.


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Our Insurance Shoppers office is only 10 minutes from Boulder. Our business is designed to communicate best via phone and email, but if you live in Boulder and feel more comfortable having us review your health insurance options in person, we can always meet you at your home or business. We’re very familiar with Boulder because we spend so much time there. Most of our friends live in Boulder, so we spend our evenings and weekends socializing, eating out, and shopping mainly in Boulder. We’re big into hiking and mountain biking, and some of our favorite places to mountain bike are Walker Ranch Loop, and Hall Ranch just outside of Lyons. Our dog loves to go hiking with us at Chautauqua Park around the Flatirons on the west side of Boulder.

Options for health insurance in Boulder:

The Boulder health insurance market is very diverse. Because of the top quality university located in Boulder, C.U., we have a lot of college kids in single-person individual health insurance policies designed for “the young invincible’s”, like Tonik. But we’ve gotten a lot of referrals from our friends and clients in Boulder, and the family health insurance options in Boulder County are great. People who live in Boulder, the 803xx zip code, tend to lead healthier lifestyles. So the claims history of people in Boulder with the health insurance companies is very good. This leads to some of the lowest health insurance rates in Colorado. The only thing that keeps the rates from being the lowest are Boulder’s proximity to Denver.

People in Boulder typically demand different types of healthcare than any other demographic. They take better care of themselves, they’re healthier don’t go to the doctor as often and prefer to use more holistic forms of treatment like chiropractic and hypnotherapy. This calls for a different type of health insurance policy, like an HSA qualified plan, that doesn’t have wasteful services like doctors visit or prescription drug copays. Instead, these services can be paid for out of the health savings account with pre-tax dollars. An HSA qualified plan isn’t always the best option, but is worth comparing. Just make sure your plan is actually HSA qualified before setting up the health savings account with it!

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