Connect for Health Broker Authorization in Four Easy Steps

There is no cost to have a Connect for Health broker assist with your health insurance plan selection application for subsidies. An agent or broker is simply an extra resource and you’re not making any trade offs. A Connect for Health broker is paid commissions by the health insurance company, but you would pay the same premium with or without a broker. The premiums you pay are required by Connect for Health Colorado Northern Colorado - Fort Collins Better Business Bureau A+and the Colorado Division of Insurance to be the same whether you use a broker or go directly through the health insurance company or the exchange itself (Connect for Health Colorado). Colorado has a great community of knowledgable brokers to help select a plan and apply for subsidies. Don’t go it alone with the insurance company or Connect for Health Colorado.

Authorize a Connect for Health Broker (step 1)

If you haven’t setup an account, go here,, and click “Create an Account

When logged in, hover over “Get Assistance“, then click “Find Expert Assistance in Your Community” in the drop down. Click “Continue” in the “Connect for Health Colorado Agent/Broker” box.

Connect for Health Colorado Agent/Broker

You can find a broker near you based on zip code or find your current broker if you know their last name. Here is the information for Jay Norris. Click Search:

  • Zip Code: 80549
  • Agent/Broker Last Name: Norris
  • State License Number: 135082

Assigning Colorado health insurance broker with Connect for Health

Click on either “Jay” or “Norris

Step 2 - health insurance broker Jay Norris is selected

Click the “Authorize” button:

Step 3 - You still need to click Authorize

Done! You can always remove/change an authorized Connect for Health Colorado health insurance broker at any time. 

You can easily edit or revoke this authorization at any time

You can now log out.

You will always get the lowest premium for the type of coverage you want with the assistance of a Colorado health insurance broker. We can shop for the health insurance plan that fits your financial needs and tolerance for risk using our expert knowledge of what coverage all the different plans offer. We also give you more personalized attention and a balanced perspective about the advantages of choosing one plan over another. We also act as a liaison between you and the insurance company if you ever have any questions or problems with them.

You can always contact the insurance company directly if you want, there are no trade offs.

We’re local, independent, certified Connect for Health Colorado health insurance brokers, with no dedication to any particular health insurance company. This gives us the freedom to help our clients choose the health insurance that truly fits their financial needs and tolerance for risk. We are an authorized Colorado health insurance broker for: Anthem Blue Cross of Colorado, Aetna, PacifiCare, Kaiser Permanente, Sloans Lake of Colorado, HumanaCignaRocky Mountain Health PlansUnited Health Care/ Golden RuleFortis/Assurant, Celtic, and many more. For years, we have been highly recommended in Colorado as a no hassle agency able to find the best health insurance in Colorado for your financial plan.

We regularly meet with the underwriting staff, claims, and billing departments in addition to talking to them on the phone several times per day. We’ve been working with these companies since 2002 and have good communication with them. This allows us to act as advocates for our clients, and help them talk with the correct people if they have problems with billing or claims.
We have a good working knowledge of the companies we represent:

  • health benefit options
  • stability of the health insurance companies
  • underwriting guidelines. — If a client tells us about their pre-existing health conditions, we can save them a lot of time and energy by helping them find the health insurance companies in Colorado that will work best with their specific health situation. Every company has different underwriting guidelines.

Often recommended as the best Colorado health insurance broker, we continue to be there for our clients after their insurance policy is in force. We help with benefit questions, and advise them with claims questions.

We have designed this interactive website where our clients can research, compare premiums, get details on various insurance plans, and apply  online for whichever plan they choose. Get as far as you like by yourself until you would like our assistance. We will always be there to answer questions or help with applications if needed.