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Request assistance with small business group health insurance

small business owner meeting with broker to discuss health insuranceIf you have a small business in Colorado with at least one employee, you can shop for guaranteed issue small business group health insurance options for your business anytime during the year — you don’t need to wait for an “open enrollment” period to begin a policy for your employees. There are a wide variety of coverage options and it can be overwhelming without a broker assisting you along the way. There is no cost to have a broker assist you with small group health insurance options in Colorado, so please submit your questions below and we’ll make it simple for you.

Avoid common pitfalls by getting broker assistance for your small business benefits

Small group health insurance on a nationwide average has better benefits, lower deductibles, and lower premiums than individual coverage, but there are a lot of pitfalls and wrong turns along the way.

  • Keep in mind that you’ll need at least one W2 employee in a separate household in addition to the owner of the business.
  • An employer will generally offer a contribution of at least 50% of the employee’s portion of the premium. Depending on your industry, you may want to contribute a higher percentage as well as add dental insurance, vision coverage, and life insurance to the benefits package.
  • If your employee’s wages are low enough for their household incomes to qualify for subsidies/tax credits in the individual market, it may be prudent for the small business to not even offer health insurance benefits to dependents (spouse and children) because they could be disqualified from receiving tax credits due to the family glitch.
  • A broker can ensure that your employees are choosing the right coverage for their needs. Our brokerage analyzes:
    – doctor coverage (including specialist maps) to make sure your employees don’t find themselves out of network the next time they visit the doctor.
    – prescription drug coverage, to make sure your employees don’t find out their medication is not covered on the insurance Rx formulary the next time they try to fill their prescription.
    – detailed benefit analysis to make sure your employees understand how to use their coverage.
    – assistance with billing issues and claims after enrollment.