Denver Health Insurance

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Denver health insuranceDenver small businesses are increasingly wondering how to set up an HRA. An HRA (health reimbursement arrangement) can be the better way to go, but if you’ve offered an employer sponsored group plan in the past 12 months, the employer reimbursement questions are causing applications to be declined.

We can do any consultation very easily over the phone and email, but if you would like us to go over your Denver health insurance options personally, we are close enough that we can schedule a meeting at your home or business. Most of our clients are from Denver and are more tech savvy. They prefer to consult with us through phone and email, but still prefer to sit down with us at least once just to meet us and see who we are. Health insurance is a big decision and it’s always nice to put a face to the people helping you with such big decisions.

A Wide Choice of Denver Health Insurance Options

All of these health insurance companies are available to residents of Denver:

health insurance companies in DenverThe Denver health insurance market is one of the most dynamic in the state. Strong competition from some of the best health insurance companies in Denver – like Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, Cigna, United, etc, mean rates can vary dramatically from company to company and from quarter to quarter. This creates wide swings in claims history and the health insurance companies need to adjust the premiums and underwriting to match.

Generally, Denver, and the 802xx zip code, has some of the highest rates for individual health insurance in the state because of the extra health risks of living in a large city like Denver. For this reason, our Denver clients like us to perform a review of their health insurance on an annual basis. What is the most competitive health insurance option for them this year may not be next year. If you get a policy through Insurance Shoppers, we’ll contact you on your policy anniversary to schedule a review of all of the health insurance options in the Denver area and compare the most competitive plans with yours. If you have a Denver group health insurance policy with us, we’ll sit down with you and your employees to go over alternate plan options and ways to supplement your health insurance benefits to bring the price of the health insurance premium down.