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Are you protecting the right assets?

Disability Insurance CoverageThink about the fact that you drive an insured car, live in an insured house and your personal belongings are insured. Why risk your earning power when so much depends on it? When a disability happens, your financial situation changes more than any other situation. To decide whether you need disability insurance, you need to ask yourself:

  • If you purchase disability insurance and DO NOT become disabled, how will your lifestyle be affected?
  • If you do not purchase disability insurance and DO become disabled, how will your lifestyle be affected?

To find out more about the need for disability income insurance, download ourĀ disability insurance fact sheet.

About Personal Disability Insurance in Colorado

Individual or group disability insurance is meant to replace most or all of your post tax income if something happens and you can’t generate a paycheck anymore. This could be the most important insurance policy you have because it will allow you to pay bills like your mortgage and premiums for your other insurance policies. Unlike other types of insurance, disability insurance is very different from company to company. Because of this, it is dangerous to shop based on price alone. We look at all of the available disability insurance companies in Colorado based on an array of variables to find the disability plan that fits you best. If you would like us to show you your best options for disability insurance, you can fill out ourĀ Colorado disability insurance request form. Or, if you have questions and would like to talk to us about your options, you may reach us at our Colorado offices toll-free at (866)747-7913 from 7:30a.m. to 6:00p.m. or e-mail us at info@insuranceshoppers.net. Denver metro and Boulder residents can reach us at (720)352-7561.