Election Season Edition of the HWR

Peggy Salvator hosted this week’s Health Wonk Review yesterday, at her Health System Ed blog – be sure to check it out, if you haven’t already. Peggy did a great job of hosting, and there are lots of great entries.

My favorites from this edition are from Health Affairs (all about the future legislative improvements we might see for health care reform), Dr. Roy Poses (Hepatitis C drugs might have serious side effects), and InsureBlog (digging into some tough questions about Evergreen Health CO-OP’s acquisition by private investors). For what it’s worth, I like the idea of CO-OPs, and I think they could have been a viable option, but their funding was slashed dramatically before they even got off the ground, then they were shortchanged in the risk corridors program, and then further hamstrung by the risk adjustment program.

My own contribution to this HWR was a post I wrote at healthinsurance.org, about the small subset of the population for whom health insurance rates are increasing sharply next year — the headlines about rate hikes are everywhere, but they don’t apply to the vast majority of U.S. residents.

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