Risky Business

Claire Wilkinson hosted the 194th Cavalcade of Risk this week at her blog, Terms and Conditions – be sure to check it out, it’s a great edition.   I especially liked David Williams’ post about patients being asked to double check that doctors are washing their hands.  I agree with David:  don’t put this on patients.  Sure, if people want to speak up, that’s great.  But a lot of patients won’t, and it simply isn’t their responsibility.  I prefer David’s suggestions about much more proactive policies on the part of hospitals in order to ensure compliance with hand washing.

I also thought Jason Shafrin’s post about medical loss ratios was interesting.  This is a topic that’s been covered a lot on insurance industry blogs, but Jason takes a stance that I haven’t seen before, coming to the conclusion that capping MLRs might inadvertently lead to higher premiums.  Definitely some good food for thought.

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  1. I, too, agree with David. Rather than ’empowering the patients’ to ‘take charge,’ this simply seems like a way for health professionals to find somebody else to blame, in case the doctor didn’t wash his/her hand. Like David says, ” Hire someone else to do the job.” No need to drag the patient into this.

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