Small Business Group Health Insurance

Do Your Employees Understand and Appreciate What You Do For Them?

What your employees don’t understand about the health insurance benefits you provide can hinder your ability as a small business to attract and retain the employees you need to compete with larger Colorado businesses in your field. We work with business groups with as few as 2 employees to companies with 100 employees. Our thorough health benefits communications allow your employees to not only understand their benefits package but appreciate the contributions your business makes for them and their family. Best of all, we take care of the enrollment communication and enrollment specifics for you.

Small business group health insurance quotes

small business group health insuranceOur local, Colorado-based broker will consults individually with your employees to review the available benefits in a way they can easily understand, go over their own personal benefit options, and enroll them through our online system. No paperwork!

Expand Your Small Business Benefits

You can enhance your small business health insurance benefits program by packaging your offerings with supplemental insurance products. This allows you to keep the cost of the benefits you provide at a minimum and your employees can select and pay for the protection they feel they require most. By combining with supplemental insurance, you can: Offer new coverage options at no direct cost to you. Allow your employees to pay for the products through convenient payroll deduction. Enjoy employer tax savings and provide tax savings for your employees by pre taxing through Section 125. Help your employees pay for what their group health insurance won’t. Move to a more cost-effective major medical Colorado group health insurance plan, like an HSA, and provide employees a choice from a wide range of supplemental options.

Go ahead and get quotes to have us start helping you with an attractive benefits program for your business. Small businesses can start a new group health insurance plan any time of the year, which will then serve as the open enrollment for employees each subsequent year. The first thing to consider is what your contribution policy will be. If you’re thinking about treating employees differently, make sure you’re in compliance with non-discrimination laws (HIPAA and Section 125).

Health Savings Accounts

HSA’s are a federally authorized, healthcare financing account, available to any Colorado groups with a qualified high deductible health insurance plan. Save on insurance premiums, then use the savings from the reduced premiums to help fund your employees’ health savings accounts, or give them the option to fund it. Both the business and employee can fund an employees’ HSA. The money in the account can go toward a large list of legitimate medical expenses. If your Colorado employees remain relatively healthy, money in their health savings account can accumulate, tax-free, to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time they retire. Those savings would have normally gone to the Colorado health insurance company. See if an HSA is right for your business.