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An article in the January 2012 edition of the Colorado Health Foundation Magazine titled “Out of the Box” (read the article)
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A glowing article about the Colorado Health Insurance Insider in MedScape from WebMD titled ““Villains” of Healthcare? Not These Insurance Agents”: (read the article) -If it asks for a login, you can give the username “JayNorris” and the password “colorado”
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The Forbes edition of the “Health Wonk Review” began by featuring three articles from the Colorado Health Insurance Insider. (read the article)
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Interview with Jay Norris in the Denver Business Journal about “supplemental health insurance”: (read the article)

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Jay Norris gets interviewed in Consumer Reports on the topic of “purchasing individual health insurance”: (read the article)
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Jay Norris is interviewed in The Colorado Springs Business Journal: “Health care bias?(full story)

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About Jay Norris

Jay operates a health insurance brokerage in Colorado, where he helps individuals and small groups obtain and maintain health insurance coverage.
Complimenting his work as a health insurance broker, Jay also provides data analysis and creates visualizations that are easily understood by consumers and other stakeholders in Colorado’s health insurance market.


  1. Kathy S. says

    I guess I’ll start by pointing out that we were working with another broker and he had us apply with 2 different insurance companies that each said they wouldn’t cover my asthma, one also gave me a rate increase along with the rider :(
    A friend of mine gave me the number for Insurance Shoppers because they got their insurance through them before and liked their service.
    I told Jay what happened already and he knew right away which companies would be good for that pre existing health porblem. It took about a week but I found out I was approved the day before my other insurance ran out! I cancelled the other 2 insurances that I applied for with the other agent and I just got my cards and insurance papers in the mail yesterday.
    In total, I talked to 3 other insurance agents before Insurance Shoppers and they were the most professional by far. You can tell they know a lot about it for sure.

  2. The side by side quotes and the glossary were pretty sweet but your help on the phone the fifty times I called you was priceless!

  3. Jay and Louise,
    Thank you so much for all your help. I finally feel like I understand how my health insurance works, that has never been the case. :)
    I’ll be sure to tell my friends that need health insurance about you.

  4. Thanks for the help again Jay. I guess we’ve been your health insurance client for over 5 years now? Goes by fast! I’m glad you keep in touch with us to make sure we always have the best deal.


  5. Jay
    after talking to you, i was more than prepared to pay an extra charge for the work you were going to do finding what company would cover Neal’s preexisting cinditions. when you told me (over and over) that there actually was no cost to me for your help, it was just a bonus – i would have gladly paid. anyway, I’m very thankful for all of the work you did because I never could have figured it out on my own. and I’m glad your going to be able to help me with any other problems I have with health insurance.

  6. Thanks for all your help. I will let my friends who need health insurance know about you guys.

  7. I am writing to let you know that I found your website quite helpful. For every question I had, there was a page devoted to answering it. I very much appreciate your help through the lengthy online application process. If you wouldn’t have been on the phone to help me the whole time, I surely would not have done it correctly.

  8. You guys are awesome! I didn’t have a clue how any of this health insurance stuff worked until you helped me out! lol
    I’ll be giving your number to some other people I work with.

  9. Jay,
    Thanks so much for your help. It just reinforces what I already know–you guys are the greatest! (I get frustrated when I tell my coworkers about the advantages that working with you and Louise offer and send them to your website. They dont do their homework and they continue to think that all sources of insurance and insurance info are the same. Every thing is “fine” until something happens…and using your expertise could have made such a positive difference to them. (says Diane sadly shaking her head :) )

    Feel free to use my comments as far as a testimonial/referral goes. And if I can help your business in any other way, plz let me know. Knowledge and excellent service such as you offer is so rare (and you and Louise are so pleasant and caring, I love to talk with you!).



  10. Good job. Your blog is both informative *and* entertaining. Your honest
    assessments of the state of the American health insurance industry are

  11. Louise,
    Thank you for you help!!!!! I’m very grateful!

    Karen Ann

  12. Thank you Jay! I am very impressed with all you have done to help us and I really appreciate how easy this process was!

  13. This website has been very helpful. I was able to find almost everything I was researching (and more). However, I noticed there were pages about the student health insurance coverage at CSU and CU but not D.U. I guess I would just like to request a page explaining more detail about the student coverage for D.U. as it is also one of the larger schools in Colorado.

    Thanks :)

    [I’m glad the website was helpful. And thanks for the request. You probably saw the C.S.U. page and C.U. page on our wiki. Those pages were created by other readers of the website and I just cleaned them up a bit and verified their accuracy. I originally hadn’t even thought of having wiki pages about the health insurance coverage at each of the schools in Colorado until those were made. I would like to eventually make pages for all of the schools, but don’t have the time right now. Remember though, it is a wiki so feel free to start a D.U. page yourself if you like.
    -Jay Norris]

  14. Anonomous says

    I was just doing some research for my accountant about my old health insurance coverage and Cobra for my taxes last night. I wanted to thank you for having such a helpful website and a wealth of information. I looked at other websites, but they only had stuff to sign me up for something. This site was VERY helpful. If I needed to buy some insurance now, I would have purchased through your firm for sure. If anybody I know needs insurance, I’ll give them your website.

    Thank you.

  15. Priscilla C. says

    I would like to thank Jay very much for the prompt and cordial assistance he provided as I searched for an appropriate health insurance plan for my daughter, who just graduated from college. The website provided a wealth of information in very well organized form. However,nothing beats being able to speak with a knowledgeable and courteous human being. Jay really helped cut through my confusion about the numerous options and my anxiety about the whole issue of health insurance. My daughter and I are very pleased about the plan we chose. Thanks!

  16. Jay was a big help. I loved the side-by-side comparison chart he sent by e-mail. Also, the glossary and frequently asked questions links were informative and helped me to make my decision. I couldn’t believe how easy and quick the process was.
    Finally, I feel lucky to have this excellent broker to work with locally.

  17. This past July my appointment at the University of Colorado dropped below 50 percent and I lost health coverage for my family. I found myself shopping for private health insurance for the first time in over a decade–and has the world ever changed in 10 years!

    Jay was terrific as he helped me to understand this new world order (often calling me back at night and on weekends to make sure he answered my questions in a timely way). My situation was somewhat complicated by the fact that my husband had knee surgery following a recent accident and was deemed uninsurable by some carriers, even though he is in terrific health otherwise.

    The end result? Jay helped me pick the right insurance companies to approach, so now I have the right coverage for my entire family and our monthly premium is less than what I expected.

    Thanks for all your help, Jay!

  18. Jay was very helpful and friendly. He pointed me in the right direction for an HSA plan for my family of 3. He sent me a line by line comparison of 4 different companies to help me in my search. He isn’t biased toward any particular company, and he doesn’t make his money by charging the customer, he is paid a commission by the health insurance co. By using him I was able to find a great deal on quality insurance and now I have an advocate in case I have problems in the future.


  19. @Jay:
    You are a mensch (that is a compliment)!
    Very few agents will go to the lengths you do, that look at the fine print, in order to better serve his clients.
    (taken from a comment to a blog post Here)

  20. Thanks for all your help! My premium nearly doubled over the past year and Jay helped me to find a new plan with a lower premium.

  21. Jay –
    Thanks. Seemingly easy enough! Much appreciate that you make health insurance painless!


  22. Louise & Jay,

    The health insurance application process can be pretty intimidating to those of us who do not deal with it daily. It’s also a very personal process, putting all of your health information out there for those companies to see and pick apart. Working with you took the intimidation out of the process and made it much less overwhelming. You are making a difference and helping so many people with what you do. I will be giving your names out to anyone I hear who may need assistance with this process. Thank you for taking the time with me!


  23. Thank you very much. Definetly, judging by you, it is not because of Health Insurance brokers that US medical system is in so bad shape.


  24. Thank you Jay for your help with our insurance. Because of your quick response and caring we were approved this morning. That was so fast it is amazing. We were able to put a stop payment on our old insurance and keep two payments from occuring and us having to wait to see about a refund. Both of us appreciate your speed of service and your willingness to help us through yet another health insurance assignment. We will be referring you to our friend and relatives. Thanks so much.

  25. MamaMaria says

    Jay is amazing! I needed health insurance for my son in under a week and we did it. He anticipated what needed to happen and had us approved in the blink of an eye. Don’t think twice; call him!

  26. Health Insurance Colorado provides the best service I have ever experienced from an insurance agent. The web site is a great resource, and Jay is a straight shooter who makes the crazy world of health insurance understandable and is always in your corner.

  27. Kristine says

    You made something (obtaining Private Health Insurance) that was very daunting and challenging much easier. In the beginning I didn’t understand how your services could help me and by the end I don’t think I could have done it without you. You were extremely helpful to me during this transition.

  28. I just wanted to say I was very impressed with how helpful Jay was. His prompt and knowledgible responses made it much easier to chose individual health insurance while waiting to be eligible for employer sponsored insurance. I recommend him to anyone!

  29. You have helped me understand more about health insurance. I thought I knew all I can and should know about this but it seems that I’m mistaken. Thank you for the information and the enlightenment. I will also definitely be sharing about you to anyone I know that needs health insurance. You’re the best choice I’ve seen so far.

  30. My wife and I found Jay to be an invaluable resource. He commands a cornucopia of knowledge and has the rare ability to distill the convoluted health insurance landscape down to a simple, clear picture. Indeed, Jay is the perfect health insurance jungle guide and quickly offered us several solutions that met OUR needs.

  31. Jay was helpful from the 1st email I sent to when I actually filled out the application. I appreciated that he wasn’t a hard sell kind of broker unlike some of the other agents I’ve dealt with in the past. Keep up the good work Jay!

  32. Plumbersdenver2000 says

    After talking with your company over the phone about health insurance i am more confident on our decision

  33. Busy mom + toddler + always had benefits through employers + recently moved to a new state =the task of researching/finding the best health insurance for my son and me seemed positively daunting.  I would sit down to start researching – have 10 windows open comparing plans – and then my son would wake up from his nap – and all would be put aside to the other day.  How could something so important seem so complicated and frustrating?  THEN, one of the plans I was interested in had a number to call with questions.  I had questions- but I also had years of awful experiences sitting for hours trying to explain something to a health insurance company, being transferred, disconnected, and then having to start my story again.  My son would be up from his nap in 30 minutes but I decided to give it a try.  Oh – it was also Friday afternoon – nearing the end of the day.  WOW! – For the first time in my life – a smart, personable gentleman answered the phone.  He listened to me.  He got online with me.  He answered my questions in language I could understand.  He followed up with me via email.  And – everything went through in an amazingly timely process.  JAY NORRIS – You provided – hands down – one of the most professional, quality, courteous and personable customer service experiences I have ever received.  Thank you so, so much. I can and will confidently recommend your company to anyone needing assistance with health insurance.  You are the best!

  34. This is the first time I’ve had to apply for my own health insurance (at age 50), having always been on a group policy before this. I was quite nervous b/c I’ve heard so many terrible tales. Jay was very courteous, solicitous and extremely helpful. Also, I’m quite the researcher, so did a lot on my own and ended up right at the policy Jay had recommended (so could have saved myself some time….LOL!). Better, yet, I was accepted with no hitches. Jay was great throughout the whole process. Thank you!

  35. I’ve used Jay before and had great success, so when I needed to switch my family to other plans I contacted him. He went so far above the call of duty – I was completely amazed! I would recommend Jay and Health Insurance Colorado in an instant.


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