The Future Of Healthcare

We have a few good links to pass on to you today.  The newest Health Wonk Review is up at Wing Of Zock, with tons of great articles, including a really thought-provoking one from The Disease Management Care Blog about the disappearing middle class and how that will impact health care.  Are we heading towards a ever-more disparate health care model that has separate providers for the wealthiest members of society, along with high-volume, low-margin providers for all the rest of us?  It’s especially interesting to read Dr. Sidorov’s article along with a recent Colorado Health Foundation article written by Bob Mook, which looks at four possible scenarios for the state of health care two decades from now. Lots to think about.

Be sure to also check out a recent post from Joe Paduda at Managed Care Matters.  He includes data about health insurance exchange rates here in Colorado as well as DC, and some promising results from the early days of ACOs.

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