August Health Wonkery

Yes, it’s August, but the title would be fitting regardless of the month – there’s a lot of good stuff in this edition!  Peggy Salvatore did a great job putting together the latest Health Wonk Review, aptly titled “the more things change, the more they cost.”  Here are some of my favorites from this week’s round up:

  • The fact that Medicare can’t negotiate drug prices is absurd.  It is mind-boggling that PhRMA was able to get such a ridiculous notion woven into the fabric of Medicare D, but here we are. If you’re curious about how this came to be, how it works, and how things would be better if we scrapped that rule, I highly recommend Wendell Potter’s explanation.
  • Joe Paduda’s assessment of the fact that GOP presidential candidates mentioned Obamacare just eight times during the first debate in early August.  The verdict?  Obamacare is here to stay, and no longer a matter of debate.
  • In a piece that will make you feel a bit sick, Roy Poses explains that the US Chamber of Commerce has what can only be described as a pro-tobacco position when it comes to overseas tobacco companies and sales.  And to make matters worse, the Chamber board includes ten healthcare executives.

There are several other great reads in this edition of the HWR, so be sure to check it out.  Many thanks to Peggy for hosting!


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