Back To Reality

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few weeks.  Louise and I haven’t been in Colorado since October 23’rd because we were on vacation.  We were still able to keep up with all of our health insurance clients by helping get claims paid, solving billing problems, and helping them compare alternate plans.  But the blog was put on the back burner because the computer I was using wasn’t publishing it right (you might have noticed the sidebar was missing for the last couple weeks).  But I’m attempting to fix all of that and get back into the loop of all the big news in healthcare.  After the elections, there should be a lot of big changes in Colorado health insurance to discuss.

And remember, all of the health insurance companies in Colorado will be having rate increases on January 1’st.  We’ve been sending emails and leaving voicemails for many of our clients who really should compare their options and lock in a lower rate before January 1st, but a lot of people seem to be too busy to just look at the plan comparisons we’re sending.  We’re making it a very quick process and if you can find a few extra minutes, it will be well worth your time to re-evaluate your current plan.

About Jay Norris

Jay operates a health insurance brokerage in Colorado, where he helps individuals and small groups obtain and maintain health insurance coverage.
Complimenting his work as a health insurance broker, Jay also provides data analysis and creates visualizations that are easily understood by consumers and other stakeholders in Colorado’s health insurance market.

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