Pediatric Dental on 2014 Individual Health Insurance Policies in Colorado

If you’re confused by the new pediatric dental requirements, you’re not alone. ┬áHere’s a rundown of how the ACA and HHS regulations impact pediatric dental coverage, with Colorado-specific details: The ACA defines pediatric dental coverage as one of the ten essential health benefits (EHBs) that must be covered on all new individual and small group […]

Should Dental Insurance Be Included On Health Insurance Policies?

[…] One possible solution would be for dental insurance to get wrapped in to health insurance policies, both private coverage and Medicare (the majority of seniors in Colorado have no dental insurance, because it’s not part of Medicare). If dental insurance were absorbed into health policies, the premium increases might not be significant. Maternity coverage is a good example of how this could work. In the past, maternity coverage was only available on a few individual health insurance policies in Colorado, as a separate rider that had to be added to the basic coverage. The cost for this rider was prohibitive, because the only people who were adding it were the ones who were planning to use it. But for almost two years now, all new individual policies in Colorado have included maternity coverage, and premiums have definitely not increased by as much as maternity riders used to cost (premiums have gone up, as they had done for years prior to the maternity mandate, but there are many factors involved). If dental coverage were included in health insurance policies, the administrative overhead for these plans could be rolled in with the administration of the health plans, and there would be more people who had coverage and weren’t using it often – their premiums could offset the cost of dental care for people with significant claims. […]

A Look At Canadian And US “Mini-Med” Health And Dental Insurance

[…] Glenn notes that although most people there have provincial health insurance policies, they often get additional coverage from their employers for things like prescriptions and dental care. And he points out that all too often, people think that they’re “covered” just because they have a health insurance card in their hands – even though the coverage might have very low annual limits. Of course that only becomes a problem when you have a catastrophic claim, which is of course when you need your health insurance the most.

Although the ACA has nixxed lifetime benefit maximums on health insurance policies here in the US, significantly increased annual maximum thresholds, and designated several categories of “essential benefits” that must be covered at specified levels, HHS has granted plenty of waivers for employers who are offering “mini-med” policies to their workers. These policies are far from being a safety net in the event of a catastrophic illness or injury, and often only cover a few thousand dollars in benefits per year. They remind me a lot of the type of policies Glenn is describing. […]

Dentists Overprescribing Antibiotics and Avoiding Health Care Reform

[…] MD Whistleblower had a couple good observations:
– Dentists prescribe prophylactic antibiotics (ATBs) with routine recklessness… Many dentists irrationally prescribe ATBs before teeth cleanings and other procedures.
– Not a syllable in the ~2000 page health care reform law that affects dentists.

Colorado HB 1166 Makes Insurance Easier To Understand

[…] His Plain Language In insurance bill passed out of the House last week, and is headed for the Senate this week. It would require that all auto, dental, long term care, and health insurance policies sold in Colorado be written at no more than a 10th grade reading level starting in 2010. It would also require that all the fine print be no finer than a 10 point font. […]

Bureaucracy Wielding Its Sword Over The HSA

The House Ways and Means Committee met today to discuss HR 5719 – the “Taxpayer Assistance and Simplification Act of 2008” (I love when they come up with names like that – it sounds like the whole thing will be warm and fuzzy and make life easier for all of us). One of the many […]

Shark Bait

Business Week magazine has an alarming article in their December 3, 2007 edition. “Fresh Pain For The Uninsured” is a story of medicine and capitalism on a collision course, with the patient squashed squarely in the middle. For years, people without health insurance have been able to repay medical bills in small amounts, without interest […]

Humana Acquires CompBenefits

It’s not as newsworthy as when United Healthcare acquires a company like PacifiCare or AMS, or the “Don’t taze me bro” loser getting tazed. But I figure I should still mention the fact that Humana acquired CompBenefits today. CompBenefits is a dental and vision provider. So this should make Humana even more competitive in […]