A Little Flurry of Snow in Northern Colorado Today!

Just enough snow came through the Fort Collins area for the kids to plow… and mow. We’re hoping the mountains get a lot for skiers and snowboarders. We put the kids to work in the yard. Plowing…

Good exercise plowing the snow

And mowing…

Mowing the snow

Here is a video of the front end loader in action plowing the snow off of the porch! It was a gift from a friend and is their favorite toy…

CORHIO Continues To Make Progress On Colorado Health Information Exchange

There are 110 hospitals in Colorado, and so far CORHIO has connected 27 of them to the health information exchange, and they are actively working on connecting two more.  They are also currently working to add 800 more medical offices to the health information exchange, to join the 290 who are already connected.

Health IT has been a major talking point throughout the healthcare reform process, and the steps that CORHIO is taking will no doubt make for a more efficient healthcare system throughout Colorado once the entire state is linked through the HIE.  Patients who see multiple doctors or who are treated at more than one hospital […]

Low Deductible Still Required To Waive CSU Student Health Insurance

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from CSU graduate and international students. I just confirmed with the Colorado State University (CSU) Health Network that they’re not budging (much) on the requirement that graduate and international students have a $500 deductible if they want to waive the CSU Student Health Insurance. The person I talked to did mention they might allow a $1000 deductible if the student can prove sufficient financial resources to pay such a large bill.

Meanwhile, the CSU Student Health Insurance Plan has a policy year limit of $250,000 per accident/illness. It’s much better than a mini-med, but they still have a reputation for getting maxed out. I asked if they’ve ever had a student hit the limit (like has happened at other schools), and she said she could only think of one minor case when the student was able to wait until the next calendar year when the benefits started over.

The CSU Health Network is a really great organization though, if it weren’t for the low cap on benefits. They have top notch providers and are very friendly and helpful.  And on January 1, 2014, even university health insurance plans will be required to not have a cap on benefits because of the Affordable Care Act.

Kaiser Will Soon Be Available In Northern Colorado

[…] The new Kaiser facilities will be in Fort Collins at Harmony and Ziegler, and in Loveland at I-25 and Hwy 34. For hospital services, Kaiser is partnering with Banner Health and members will be able to use McKee Medical Center in Loveland and North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. The medical offices in Fort Collins and Loveland will offer a wide range of services (primary care, lab work, pharmacy, and x-rays, and mammograms will be available at the Loveland office), and are expected to begin providing care by the fall of 2012. A medical office is projected to open in Greeley by 2014. Between now and then however, northern Colorado Kaiser members will be able to see doctors at the Fort Collins and Loveland offices, as well as physicians on the Banner Health network.

Kaiser is planning to offer group coverage to employers in northern Colorado by October 1, 2012. Individual and family coverage should be available sometime next year.

Photo Session for the Colorado Health Foundation

IMG_3109 A few weeks ago, the Colorado Health Foundation interviewed Jay for an article in an upcoming edition of their magazine due to come out in January. Yesterday, photojournalist Barry Staver came up to Wellington from Denver to take pictures of us to accompany the article. We were honored to be photographed by him, and impressed with his unassuming, friendly personality. And we were thrilled when he offered to take pictures of our family with our little pocket camera so that we could have our own copies. (with a baby and a three-year-old, we have to make the most of moments when everybody is clean at the same time!) So here we are, in front of our backyard office, in a family photo taken by Barry Staver […]

Covering Primary Care Expenses With A Clinic Membership

[…] It’s always good to see new innovations that help to expand access to healthcare, and clinic memberships that allow people to cover their day to day medical expenses with a predictable annual fee and low cost appointments is likely to be quite popular, especially among people who can’t afford comprehensive health insurance. But as with any other product, a clear awareness of what you’re purchasing (or being offered, if an employer is covering the cost) will help to avoid future surprises.

Colorado Ranks Highly In Women’s Health

Colorado is the only state in a recent report by HealthGrades to rank in the top ten for all three aspects of women’s care studied (see appendix D on page 15 of the report). Although only three hospitals in Colorado received the HealthGrades 2009/2010 Women’s Health Excellence Award: North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley, Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins, and Centura Health-Penrose Saint Francis Health Services in Colorado Springs. […]

The Impact Of Reform On Student Health Insurance Policies

[…] It stands to reason that fewer students will be in need of such coverage since dependents will be allowed to stay on their parents’ policies until age 26, but not all students have that option, and some will still opt to purchase health insurance from their schools. But the question remains as to whether student health insurance plans will fall under the scope of the new law that prohibits lifetime maximums and unreasonable annual limits. […]

Colorado HB 1166 Makes Insurance Easier To Understand

[…] His Plain Language In insurance bill passed out of the House last week, and is headed for the Senate this week. It would require that all auto, dental, long term care, and health insurance policies sold in Colorado be written at no more than a 10th grade reading level starting in 2010. It would also require that all the fine print be no finer than a 10 point font. […]

Colorado HB 1273 And Single Payer Health Insurance

[…] House bills 1273 and 1293 both generate discussion about what we can do to provide health insurance to the 800,000 people in Colorado who are without health insurance. I’m doubtful that HB 1273 will get much traction in its current form, but perhaps it will add to the dialog that is going on at the capital, and generate ideas that will lead to solutions for Colorado.

Elective Cesareans Not A Complication Of Pregnancy

We got a notice in the mail yesterday from Humana, one of the health insurance carriers we represent in Colorado. They have revised their definition of complication of pregnancy to include cesareans, but not elective cesareans. I was very pleased to see this, and I’m glad that Humana is differentiating between the two. Obviously someone who schedules a c-section […]

Emotional Health Care Hearing in Fort Collins

On Friday, about 100 Fort Collins residents gathered at the Lincoln Center for an emotional hearing sponsored by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Health Care. More than 30 people got to address the panel about how to craft a health insurance program for Colorado. Most of those 30+ people that addressed the panel voiced support […]

Colorado House OKs Bill on CSU Health Insurance

Reposted from:http://www.9news.com/news/article.aspx?storyid=64356 FORT COLLINS – A House bill that would allow Colorado State University to require all of its graduate students to have health insurance passed the House on third reading Monday and now heads to the Senate for consideration. The bill, sponsored by Rep. John Kefalas, D-Fort Collins, passed on a 37-27 vote. The […]

CSU grad students to discuss health insurance today

Reposted from: http://www.coloradoan.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070131/NEWS01/70131008 Colorado State University graduate students can learn more today about a bill that would require them to carry some form of health-care coverage. The meeting is at 4:30 p.m. in the Grey Rock Room of the Lory Student Center. Hosts are the Graduate Student Council and the Center for Public Deliberation. The […]