Dr. Val Has the Latest Grand Rounds

Dr. Val and the Voice of Reason put together the latest edition of Grand Rounds and did an excellent job. Take a look.

Health Beat Has the Health Wonk Review

In addition to Louise’s article on the new fourth tier here on the Colorado Health Insurance Insider, Maggie also had a recent post where she asks “Who Sets the Price at $100,000” and, does anyone happen to know, “Are These Drugs Effective?”

A Big Grand Rounds

If you like medical and health blogs, Dr. Wes has three dozen articles in the latest edition of Grand Rounds. All of them are very interesting, including the one about how much orthopedic surgeons love their work and the fun of eavesdropping on others in the waiting room… what HIPAA? The last article from the […]

The Best in Health Care

The Health Care Blog is the host of the latest Health Wonk Review.  Take a look at the latest collection of health care articles from folks who continually plug away at questions about health care and how it can be better.  There is an article from the Colorado Health Insurance Insider about the support of […]

Check Out the Cavalcade of Risk

Ernesto has the latest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk over at InsuranceYak. It’s got a lot of good financial and risk related articles from around the blogosphere you might be interested in…

Health Wonk Review is Posted

It’s a little late, but I finally noticed the latest Health Wonk Review over at Managed Care Matters (posted on Thursday).  Joe Paduda is the founder of the HWR and has put together a collection of blog posts that anyone interested in health policy will find interesting.

The Cavalcade March Madness Bracket

The bracket is set at Regulating Health Insurance and you can play at your own risk. The Colorado Health Insurance Insider came in as a #5 seed with Louise’s post about Mental Health Coverage in Health Insurance Policies. The #5 vs #12 match up is the traditional upset, but I think we’re okay until we […]

ChronicBabe Has Grand Rounds

You’ll see a brand new Grand Rounds hosted by Jenni Prokopy, founder and editrix of chronicbabe.com – a site for young women with chronic illness who strive to live well in spite of health-related limitations…to be babes!

We’ve Moved From Blogspot

We’ve moved the Colorado Health Insurance Insider from Blogspot to our own server so we can have more control over the content of the blog an make it a more enjoyable experience.  You’ll still be able to see our previous blog posts from August 9, 2006 through September 7, 2006 at healthinsurance-colorado.blogspot.com.