History Of Obstetrics Is Not Reassuring

I’m reading a fascinating book right now – Birth, by Tina Cassidy. Ms. Cassidy gave birth in 2004 in a standard hospital setting, culminating in a cesarean and a healthy baby. Afterwards, she was intrigued by the cultural and historical influences on the process by which every one of us arrived on this planet. Her […]

Pelvic Exams During Pregnancy

This post is a little more personal than most I write. Jay and I are expecting a baby in the spring, and have been seeing a midwife for the past couple months for prenatal care. We’re planning a home birth and are covering the cost of the midwife ourselves, since our health insurance doesn’t cover […]

Health Insurance Policy Maximums Stuck in the 90s

Ten years ago, it was very rare to hear of someone incurring a medical bill that topped $1 million. Twenty years ago, it was almost unheard of. But today, although it’s still not that common, it doesn’t surprise most people when they hear stories of seven-figure hospital bills. According to a Kaiser Network article, 34% […]

Hospital Sale Will Limit Health Care

Physicians and patients are watching a pending $611 million sale of Exempla Lutheran Medical Center in Wheatridge and Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette to Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System, a Catholic organization in Kansas. At issue are the “ethical and religious directives” that many hospitals owned by Catholic organizations must follow, […]

Thanksgiving Cavalcade of Risk

Welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of the Cavalcade of Risk at the Colorado Health Insurance Insider. We’ll start with insurance related articles and blend into finance and investing. Does your health insurance policy pay for sex? InsureBlog’s Bob Vineyard explores the question, and comes up with some surprising info with his post about Sex Insurance. […]

Losing Weight A Good Idea Before Surgery

Francis Kinley-Manton has arthritic hips that have confined her to a wheelchair for two years. She wanted hip replacement surgery, but her doctor told her that she needed to lose 30 pounds before he would do the surgery. She lives in the UK, and the British National Health Service would have paid for the operation […]

Health Insurance Can’t Be Optional

In Mass, everyone has to have health insurance by January 1. Their new universal health insurance system has expanded government coverage options and driven down the price of private insurance with government subsidies and state collaboration with health insurance companies. But everyone has to sign up. If they don’t they’ll face tax penalties starting next […]

Cavalcade of Risk #38 Is Up

“Super Saver” is hosting this weeks Cavalcade of Risk.  This week’s Cavalcade concentrated on Insurance and Investing risk, with a smaller representation on Health, Business and Personal risk. Bob Vineyards submission, I Am Not a Carpenter, is a very entertaining read for experienced health insurance agents.  By the way, ask him about his pantyhose. I am excited that […]

Putting A Price Tag On Life

Self Magazine published an article in their October issue titled “How Much Is A Life Worth?” written by Roxanne Patel Shepelavy. The article is a detailed analysis of the cost of heavy duty cancer-fighting drugs, who pays, and who profits. Michelle Diekmeyer’s story is highlighted in the article, and it would make anyone cringe. She […]

Colorado "Health Report Card"

While Coloradans tend to be healthier than residents of other states, senior citizens are faring better than the state’s children and infants, according to a study by the Colorado Health Foundation.The nonprofit foundation’s 2007 “Health Report Card,” released Wednesday, found that based on 40 health indexes: Colorado residents overall got a B-minus grade when compared […]

Just Put it on the Credit Card – It’ll All Work Out

Democrats obviously haven’t thought far enough ahead about their plans to fund SCHIP.  On the other hand, Senator Trent Lott has: “They fund it with a 61 cent a pack tax increase and say by the way, that will discourage people from smoking. That’s good. But the problem is if people do stop smoking you […]

Humana Acquires CompBenefits

It’s not as newsworthy as when United Healthcare acquires a company like PacifiCare or AMS, or the “Don’t taze me bro” loser getting tazed. But I figure I should still mention the fact that Humana acquired CompBenefits today. http://www.compbenefits.com/news/100107.html CompBenefits is a dental and vision provider. So this should make Humana even more competitive in […]

Back to School with HWR

In a back to school version of the Health Wonk Review, Joe Paduda put together an easily readable collection of the best health care policy discussions in the recent health policy blogosphere. He started out with a collection of posts about “HillaryCare 2.0”, which was very interesting.  And David Williams of the Health Business Blog always […]

Consumer Reports and Health Insurance

Yesterday we got an email from a health writer & editor at Consumer Reports magazine who’s in the middle of researching an article about individual health insurance. She’s been reading our blog and wanted to interview us for her article. We talked on the phone at length about the individual health insurance market (she’s in […]

Health Insurance Hoops

One of our clients gave birth to a baby boy on Sunday, 9/2. She has health insurance through her employer, but her husband and daughter have an individual Colorado health insurance policy through our agency. She called me on Wednesday to see about adding the new baby to her husband’s policy, since it will cost […]

SWF, 26, Uninsured, With Breast Cancer

A friend of mine was telling me a story about a lady she knows who has just found out that she has breast cancer. She’s 26 years old and has no health insurance. She earns $17,000/year and has been told that she does not qualify for Medicaid. My friend was asking me if there’s anything […]

United Healthcare Improves Plans, Lowers Rates

United Healthcare has just made some big changes to their individual/family health insurance plans in Colorado. Some of the best improvements are: More flexible underwriting, including a height and weight chart with expanded limits. A first-day wellness benefit. More deductible options United Healthcare was already one of our favorites for underwriting on impaired risk cases. […]

A Pretty Lady, A Puppy, and Some Daisies

I was heartened today to see this article announcing that the FDA is going to start studying whether “relaxing, upbeat images featured in TV drug ads distract consumers from warnings about the drugs’ risks.” According to the article, drug companies in the US spent $29.9 billion on advertising in 2005 – up 330% from a […]

Tax and Spend

Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo criticized the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) bill because, “it removes a requirement that children in the plan show proof of citizenship.” Again, the Democrats have proven their loyalty to illegal aliens over American citizens, Tancredo said. Sounds logical, right?  We don’t want children of illegal immigrants taking advantage of […]

Check Out the Latest Health Wonk Review

Bob Laszewski spent some valuable vacation time in HI putting together the latest Health Wonk Review.  He included a post from the Colorado Health Insurance Insider about how dealing with health care providers without the assistance of an insurance company is like dealing with the mafia. And a good one to check out is from The […]

MEGA Story Left Out of SiCKO

Another family that was scammed by MEGA because of an agent leaving out important details of their policy, like “it’s actually not really going to cover anything”, almost had their story told in the movie SiCKO. However, the story was cut from the movie. When they were cut from the film, Hesper Main said that […]

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Angelina Ortiz’s family income must not exceed $41,304 annually. If it does, she and her brother would no longer qualify for Colorado Childrens’ Health Plan Plus, and the family would be forced to pay $1200/month for Angelina’s lifesaving medications. Her condition? Asthma. The ubiquitous respiratory ailment that can range in severity from a minor tight-chested […]

Humana Says the Price is a Secret

Note: This is the fourth entry in my price transparency experiment. See the first entry here, the second entry here, the third entry here, and the fifth entry here. Jay has written several times over the last month about his lipoma surgery and the billing headache that it has become. When we got the bill […]

The Freedom of Individual Health Insurance

She said she realizes that the money they’ll be saving on their health insurance now is much greater than what she would have saved by having the group insurance through her employer for the 2 years she worked there. And the freedom it gave her and her husband is priceless.


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