How To Save on Health Insurance in Colorado

1. Get quotes from multiple Colorado health insurance companies Premiums for health insurance in Colorado can vary greatly, sometimes as much as 50% for similar plans. When comparing plans, be sure to look at the benefits as well as the monthly premium. Make sure your plan provides adequate catastrophic coverage, preferably at least two million […]

Wasting Health Care Dollars

My best friend is an emergency room nurse at a large hospital in Denver, Colorado.  In the past two months, two of her friends have given birth.  One is a fellow nurse, and the other a dentist.  Both have a solid knowledge base in medicine, and had thoroughly researched pregnancy and childbirth.  Both women wrote […]

A Legal Scam

After David and Darlene Henderson had more than $210,000 in hospital bills, their health insurance company only paid $33,428, leaving more than $180,000 for the Henderson’s to pay by themselves. For $400 a month, the couple said, the Mega agent told them that they could have a catastrophic group health insurance policy that would cover […]

The Logical Insurance Salesman Has Skinny Kids

I was recently talking to a Colorado client about her husbands health insurance options.  She had the option of adding him to her group plan for $415 per month.  They had been shopping all over the internet for an individual health insurance plan and had decided that they wanted the most comprehensive plan available and […]

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Now Has Rating Areas

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado used to be the only company with one rate grid for the entire state of Colorado.  That’s not the case anymore now that they’ve released their rates for 2007.  Anthem’s number crunchers have come up with four sets of rates for Colorado, based on the cost of services, […]

Back To Reality

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few weeks.  Louise and I haven’t been in Colorado since October 23’rd because we were on vacation.  We were still able to keep up with all of our health insurance clients by helping get claims paid, solving billing problems, and helping them compare alternate plans.  But […]

The Wrong Idea

I was recently going over some health insurance options with a client. We were comparing some high deductible HSA qualified plans with some lower deductible copay plans. She then asked about some of the really cheap plans she saw on our instant quote engine like Right Start from Assurant. I explained that we don’t recommend […]

Insurance Mergers and Network Shrinkage Hurts Consumers

I have a good friend who is seven months pregnant with her first child. Her employer-sponsored health insurance is with PacifiCare, which recently merged with United HealthCare. Ever since her first prenatal visit in April, she has been seeing a nurse-midwife and an OB/GYN with whom she feels very comfortable. She had planned to deliver […]

Can’t Afford Health Insurance? Don’t Eat Out.

I just read a news article about why people choose to eat out several times a week instead of cooking at home.  I couldn’t help but notice the $30 tab that the article cited as the amount it would cost to cook a meal at home for TWO people.  Is this a special-occasion meal, or do […]

Ask Your Agent if This is a “Push Week”

I was at the gym the other day and I overheard a guy talking to his buddies about a plan he’d come up with.  He said “Next week is a Push Week, so I wonder if you could buy a policy from me and we could just cancel it the next week.  You’ll get all […]

HSA Usage

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that out of all the people with job related health insurance, only 4 percent are enrolled in an HSA qualified plan. “We don’t know yet whether workers and employers ultimately will embrace consumer-driven health plans in big numbers, but it certainly hasn’t been a tidal wave,” study co-author Gary […]

Small Victory

Yesterday, we commented on the story of Jerry Ansley, who got the $2.5M mosquito bite and was about to lose everything because he had MidWest National as his health insurance company.  Well, Jerry got a small victory today because he will get to keep his house.  UNC Hospitals said it will give up its claim […]

Humana Extends Contract with HCA-HealthONE in Colorado Through 2008

Good news for our clients with Humana health insurance. After it seemed that HCA was handing out unreasonable rate increases, Humana Inc. HUM announced today that its existing contract with HCA-HealthONE hospital and ancillary facilities has been extended from June 1, 2007 through May 31, 2008 for all Humana members throughout Colorado. “We have forged […]

Wal-Mart Health Insurance Not That Bad

Let me preface this post by saying that I am usually not too impressed with Wal-Mart. I think that their lowest-price-at-any-cost strategy is not the best long-range plan in terms of caring for our Earth and its inhabitants. The Wal-Mart news of the day is about their new super-low priced generic drug program. The news […]

More on Sending the Wrong Message

 – This post is expanding on our previous stories about the new laws allowing parents to keep their children as dependents on their health insurance until they’re 30. For various reasons, the 19 to 29 year old age bracket is the highest uninsured age bracket in the country.  These laws were put into place in […]

Sending the Wrong Message To Our Kids About Health Insurance

Recently, several states have passed laws increasing the age that children can stay on their parents’ health insurance policy.  The reasoning behind the change is sound: these days, it’s not as easy to get a job with health benefits as it used to be, since fewer employers offer coverage to employees.  So allowing young adults to remain on […]

Grand Rounds 2.52

Tundra Medicine Dreams has posted the most beautiful Grand Rounds I’ve ever seen.  It’s a great collection of healthcare related blog posts and includes Louise’s article on ultrasounds. Among some of my favorites: Tara Smith of Aetiology discusses the recent E. coli outbreak from packaged spinach, a recent study on the association between diet and Alzheimer’s at the […]

Preventative Care on Individual Health Insurance

We’ve all heard the adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, yet it often seems that most people ignore this advice.  Otherwise people would not be dying from smoking-related cancers and the plethora of illnesses caused by obesity.  It’s easy to say that these are personal problems and that people […]

End of an Era

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado has come out with new non-group health insurance applications.  On the previous applications, they only requested medical history information from the previous 5 years.  This week, they increased that amount of time to 10 years “so the underwriting department can appropriately assess risk for certain medical conditions.”  Now, […]

To Make a Short Story Long

In my last post, I discussed a survey from the Commonwealth Fund.  It found that 89% of people who’ve sought health insurance in the last 3 years weren’t able to get anything – most of them couldn’t afford the premiums.  I thought this sounded a little funny. America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) shows conflicting information based on detailed […]

Do We Expect Too Much from Health Insurance?

A recent study reports that out of 1,878 people age 19 to 64 polled by telephone, 89% of those who were seeking to buy health insurance in the last 3 years did not do so. “One in five people were turned down or charged a higher premium for individual insurance because of an existing medical condition. […]

Why We Don’t Sell Discount Health Plans

A good reason that I sell health insurance for all of the top carriers in Colorado is because I’m not a very good “salesperson”.  I understand the in’s and out’s of all of the different plans and all of the variables affecting coverage like stability of the companies, underwriting, and how they do rate increases.  […]

Health Insurance – Another Reason to Quit Smoking

In case you needed another reason to ditch your ashtray… Did you know that smokers pay more for their health insurance than non-smokers, if they have to get an individual/family policy? If you’re currently covered on a group plan through your employer, you may not have given this much thought over the years. But what […]

Cavalcade of Risk coming on Wednesday

On Wednesday, we will be highlighting some of the best blog posts about risk in the Cavalcade of Risk.  If you know of any good blog posts about risk, submissions are due Wednesday morning by 8am.  For more information on how to submit a post, visit the C of R page. And if you haven’t done […]