A Tenth Anniversary Health Wonk Review at Health Business Blog

Health Business Blog was one of the sites we used to read even before we started our own blog in 2006 – and we’ve been reading it ever since.  It’s turning ten this weekend (where does the time go?!) and to celebrate, David hosted the Health Wonk Review this week.   There are lots of great […]

2016 Open Enrollment finalized, plus a special enrollment period in 40 states

Be ready!

Take heart – there’s plenty of good stuff in this HWR

Peggy Salvatore hosted the Valentine’s Day edition of the Health Wonk Review, and you don’t want to miss it.  Here are some of my favorites in this week’s HWR: Writing at Health Affairs, Ron Pollack from Families USA demonstrates the ways that the context of the ACA clearly makes subsidies available in every state.  SCOTUS is […]

Super Bowl Health Wonkery

Jason Shafrin hosted the Super Bowl edition of the Health Wonk Review today – be sure to check it out.  I think my favorite entry in this edition is from Roy Poses at Health Care Renewal.  If you pay attention to healthcare headlines, you’ve probably seen the headlines about the “miracle” cure for Hepatitis C. […]

Kicking off 2015 with the latest from all the wonks

Vince Kuraitis hosted the first Health Wonk Review of 2015 – the “shake the winter blahs” edition – at his eCareManagement Blog, and it’s full of great articles.  Some of my favorites in this edition: Roy Poses, writing about the “miracle” Hepatitis C drugs and reminding us – as always – to focus on evidence. […]

Healthcare spending is 17% of GDP; we should expect it to be a major line item in household budgets

This USA Today article by Laura Ungar and Jayne O’Donnell is well worth reading.  In a nutshell, it’s all about rising deductibles, and the impact they have on consumers’ ability to pay for health care.  The facts are sobering:  wages have been flat for decades, with the inflation adjusted average hourly wage only increasing by […]

The final Cavalcade of Risk

Jay and I started this little blog in the summer of 2006.  We’d had our website up for three years at that point, but we wanted a place to be able to discuss the very dynamic health insurance market and regulations, and to be able to provide updates for our clients as things changed.  To […]

An excellent HWR to wrap up 2014

Julie Ferguson did an outstanding job with the Health Wonk Review this week at Workers’ Comp Insider.  Several of this week’s post qualify as “must-reads” in my opinion: Dr. Roy Poses takes a look at a hospital in TN that froze employee vacation time accruals last spring – along with cutting other benefits – and […]

Connect for Health Colorado glitch shows catastrophic plans to 30-year-olds

SEE UPDATES AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POST Yesterday, while running quotes for a client who turned 30 a few months ago, we noticed that Catastrophic plans were showing up for him in the quoting tool on Connect for Health Colorado.  Catastrophic plans are a provision of the ACA, and are an extra level of […]

Apres Turkey Day Health Wonking

Hank Stern hosted the Post-Turkey Day Health Wonk Review this week at InsureBlog, and you don’t want to miss it.  There’s a great post from Roy Poses, looking at how Texas hospital leaders handled the Ebola crisis, and concluding that the interests of hospital management and public health are not always aligned. And my HealthInsurance.org […]

Make sure to know about cost sharing reduction plan eligibility

We’re more than two weeks into open enrollment now, and things are humming along – certainly compared with the first couple weeks of open enrollment last year.  In the first two weeks, the exchange has enrolled nearly ten thousand people, including renewals and new enrollees.  But keep in mind that the time frame is shortened […]

Healthblawg has a great Health Wonk Review

Sit down with David Harlow for the Turkey Edition of the Health Wonk Review. It’s a full helping of educational and though provoking posts.

Election week musings from the Health Wonks

In case you missed the Health Wonk Review this week, now’s your chance to catch up on some weekend reading.  Jennifer Salopek hosted this week at Wing of Zock, and it’s an excellent round-up. It’s the election week edition of the HWR, and Joe Paduda’s post looks into the implications for healthcare reform under a […]

The skinny on Colorado health plan cancellations

Earlier this month, Colorado Insurance Commissioner Marguerite Salazar sent a letter to Colorado’s Senate Minority Leader, detailing the upcoming policy cancellations in Colorado.  For 18,909 plan members, these policy cancellations are the result of a voluntary decision by the carriers.  For another 3,849 for SeeChange small group members, the cancellation is happening because California has […]

Weekend reading from the health wonks

In case you missed this week’s excellent Health Wonk Review, be sure to head over to Managed Care Matters for a little weekend reading.  Joe Paduda has put together a great collection of health policy articles.  Healthcare reform has been heavily partisan for the last several years (decades, really – remember the Clintons’ efforts to […]

Connect for Health Colorado getting more user-friendly

Connect for Health Colorado has been one of the most successful exchanges in the country during the first year of operation.  The exchange had enrolled nearly 146,000 people in private plans as of the end of August, and Colorado’s uninsured rate dropped by six percentage points from the end of 2013 to mid-2014. But despite […]

Weekend reading from some great health wonks

Have you scrolled through the latest Health Wonk Review yet?  Billy Wynne hosted this week over at Healthcare Lighthouse, and his “Thank God It’s Recess” edition is excellent. A few articles were particularly interesting to me.  At the National Center for Policy Analysis, John R. Graham wrote about how the second open enrollment is going […]

Average rates only increasing 0.71% in the Colorado individual market for 2015

The Colorado Division of Insurance released 2015 health insurance rates this morning, and things are looking pretty good.  The average increase across all carriers in the individual market is less than one percent:  0.71% to be exact.  We’ve been in the health insurance industry since 2002, and we’ve certainly never seen an average even close […]

How to avoid frustration with the exchange during open enrollment

Our guide to being prepared.

Summer Reading Program – learn something new about ACA implementation and gear up for open enrollment!

Brad Wright hosted this week’s Health Wonk Review over at Health Policy Analysis – be sure to check it out.  Two of my favorites this time around are from Health Affairs and Healthcare Lighthouse. At Health Affairs, John Kingsdale and Julie Lerche have an outstanding piece on some upheaval that could cause headaches for consumers […]

Fixed Indemnity Plans – buyer beware; regulations begin soon

In early 2013, we worked with a client shortly after he had received a sales pitch for what sounded like a very sketchy health insurance product.  We followed up on the issue, talking with an agent for the carrier in question, as well as the Colorado Division of Insurance.  At that time, full ACA implementation was still […]

Bundled payments and other risky endeavors

Jaan Sidorov of the Disease Management Care Blog did an excellent job with the latest edition of the Cavalcade of Risk.  There’s plenty of good reading there, so don’t miss it.  I thought one of the most interesting posts was from Dr. Sidorov himself, writing about bundled payments.  He makes some really going points, explaining […]

Lost your job? Apply for Medicaid ASAP to have a qualifying event when you get another job

Job loss and short periods of unemployment are a relatively common part of life.  But with the new open enrollment rules in the individual health insurance market, it’s important that people understand exactly how the system works in order to avoid finding themselves stuck without health insurance.  Recently we’ve had several clients in this position, […]

Combining rating areas in Colorado to bring down mountain premiums

Even before the ACA, individual health insurance in Colorado’s mountain towns was more expensive than in most of the rest of the state.  The ACA makes health insurance much more affordable for most people earning up to 400% of poverty level (especially in states like Colorado, where Medicaid has been expanded… we have no coverage gap).  And […]

Great stuff from some great health wonks

Hank Stern did an excellent job hosting the Health Wonk Review this week – be sure to head over to InsureBlog and check it out.  His “life’s a beach” theme and pictures will have you longing for a hammock strung between some palm trees, but if that’s not available, the next best thing is some […]