Colorado Health Insurance Companies Walking the Walk

Some popular health insurance companies in Colorado are making the news with their healthy employee incentive programs. A growing number of companies in Colorado and nationwide are offering free medical screenings, discounts or cash incentives to motivate employees to exercise more, eat better and quit smoking. They hope that a healthier work force will contain […]

Putting the Uninsured Numbers in Perspective just wrote an article putting the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation study on the uninsured in the U.S. in perspective. 46,100,000 out of 300,000,000 people in this country are without health insurance. Leaving 15% of the population, or 1 in 6, uninsured. If you factor out the number of Americans over age 65, the […]

How Do You Like Your HSA?

I haven’t actually kept any statistics, but a lot (maybe half) of our Colorado health insurance clients that I talk to with HSA qualified high deductible health insurance plans haven’t opened up a health savings account to go with it.  They usually say they got the plan because it was just one of the cheapest […]