Women And Healthcare

[…] If you’re up for a little controversy, PalMD at White Coat Underground has written about conscience clauses that allow medical providers to refuse to to provide care if it conflicts with their personal beliefs. A very good point raised in the article and comments is that the conscience clauses tend to be invoked in matters of reproductive health. […]

Health Insurance And Infertility Treatment

[…] One of the benefits of health insurance is the negotiated fee schedules between providers and health insurance carriers. When claims are considered “covered expenses” the billed amount is almost always reduced by the insurance company. Unfortunately, infertility treatments aren’t covered expenses and don’t get repriced by health insurance networks. […]

The Art And Science Of Choosing Providers

[…] Provider quality rankings are a piece of the puzzle for sure, but they’re not the only piece. I do think they will get more popular if health insurance carriers start actively encouraging patients to select from among the highest ranking providers. But there are other factors that go into choosing a provider that can’t be quantified on a spreadsheet or a graph.

The Affordability Of Individual Health Insurance

[…] Colorado has average premiums below the national rate, at $141/month for an individual. If you’re healthy there are plenty of affordable options available, and in the event of a serious health problem, an individual health insurance policy will protect your assets. Which is why we have health insurance in the first place.

Colorado Earns D On Prematurity Report Card

The March of Dimes has released a report card on the nation’s premature birth rates. Colorado got a D. Not good, but we’ve got a lot of company: the whole country got a D overall. Only nine states earned grades higher than a D, and not one state got an A. It turns out that a lack of health insurance is a big part of the problem. […]

The Cover Colorado Option

[…] going uninsured means that if (when) they do run into an expensive medical problem in the future, they will be out of luck, as Cover Colorado (and other high risk pools) will enforce a waiting period on pre-existing conditions. So we still find ourselves in a situation where people are uninsured and lacking realistic access to health care.

Health Insurance Tax Credit Does Not Solve The Problem

[…] In order for health care reform to work, it has to work for everyone. We need a solution that spreads the cost of health care evenly across the entire population (adjusted for income, just as taxes are) and doesn’t leave large groups (like people with pre-existing conditions) to fend for themselves with no good health insurance options available.

Individual Health Insurance Reform

[…] while group health insurance is great for employees who have access to it, the increasing premiums are causing headaches for the employers. And for those with no access to group health insurance, pre-existing conditions can be a major hurdle in the quest for individual health insurance in Colorado and 44 other states that use medical underwriting.

No Freedom Of Choice For CSU Grad Students

[…] to be a graduate student at Colorado State University, and needs to get a health insurance policy. Last year, CSU made a requirement for graduate and international students to have health insurance. The students may either get a policy through CSU’s Hartshorn Health Plan, or they can show proof of comparable coverage obtained elsewhere. The Hartshorn policy costs […]

Birth Control And Health Insurance

Assuming nobody is trying to outlaw birth control (which is a concern that has been voiced by some groups) – should health insurance cover it? At the Colorado Health Insurance Insider, we’ve written before about the definition of insurance. Health insurance is meant to protect us from financial ruin in the event of a serious illness or injury. If birth control were an extremely expensive […]

Shame On You ACOG and AMA

Since homebirths are so much less expensive than hospital births (we paid our Colorado-registered midwife $3000 for the birth and all prenatal and postpartum care), you would think that health insurance carriers would have a vested interest in crying foul with regards to Resolution 205. But I guess they would rather pay for hospital births. I find it sad that ACOG is so determined […]

Elective Cesareans Not A Complication Of Pregnancy

We got a notice in the mail yesterday from Humana, one of the health insurance carriers we represent in Colorado. They have revised their definition of complication of pregnancy to include cesareans, but not elective cesareans. I was very pleased to see this, and I’m glad that Humana is differentiating between the two. Obviously someone who schedules a c-section […]

Hospitals Are Not Doing Enough To Support Breastfeeding

according to a newsletter published by the Colorado Breast Feeding Task Force last fall, only one in five breastfeeding Colorado mothers had a hospital experience that exclusively promoted breastfeeding […]

Caesareans Make It Harder To Get Health Insurance

I just finished reading this article from the NY Times about how people who have had caesareans face more hurdles when they try to get individual health insurance. The article focuses on individual health insurance in Colorado, which made it especially interesting for me. Golden Rule – one of the companies mentioned in the article […]

McCain Health Care Hangs States Out To Dry

In Colorado, we’re lucky to have Cover Colorado available for uninsurable residents who do not have access to other coverage. At least our state has a high risk pool that is open to new enrollees and provides health insurance for people who would otherwise be uninsured. But it’s far from ideal. The policies are expensive and the out of pocket costs are higher than […]

Midwifery Care Is Good For Health Insurance Carriers

…in Colorado there is no such thing as home-birth coverage on individual policies. In fact, there are only a handful of health insurance carriers in Colorado that offer maternity coverage on individual policies at all, and for most people, the coverage provided isn’t worth the extra premium […]

50th Cav and Student Health Insurance

These plans (even the ones not issued through MEGA Life & Health) offer the same misleading general information that most people don’t look much beyond – a low deductible, 80/20 coinsurance, copays for doctors visits and Rx, and even maternity coverage. Check out the plan information for Colorado State University (CSU) and Colorado University (CU) […]

Health Care For All Pregnant Women

I just came across a great article from Midwife With A Knife (The RHI Health Blog of the Week on Regulating Health Insurance). It’s about the frustration felt by a doctor dealing with non-compliant patients – in this case, pregnant diabetics who don’t manage their blood sugar and insulin during pregnancy, and end up with […]

Health Insurance After Infertility Treatment

I just read a post by ForHealth about infertility treatment and individual health insurance. Her experience is one we’ve seen with some clients over the years. She went through fertility treatment – Clomid, in this case – which was unsuccessful. Three years later, she applied for an individual health insurance policy and was declined. The […]

History Of Obstetrics Is Not Reassuring

I’m reading a fascinating book right now – Birth, by Tina Cassidy. Ms. Cassidy gave birth in 2004 in a standard hospital setting, culminating in a cesarean and a healthy baby. Afterwards, she was intrigued by the cultural and historical influences on the process by which every one of us arrived on this planet. Her […]

Pelvic Exams During Pregnancy

This post is a little more personal than most I write. Jay and I are expecting a baby in the spring, and have been seeing a midwife for the past couple months for prenatal care. We’re planning a home birth and are covering the cost of the midwife ourselves, since our health insurance doesn’t cover […]

More on Mandatory Health Insurance

Several presidential candidates have put forth health care plans that include making health insurance mandatory, much like liability auto insurance. Governor Schwarzenegger has been pushing for universal health care in CA for months now, and part of his plan is to make health insurance mandatory. And Colorado is considering two proposals that would make health […]

United Healthcare Improves Plans, Lowers Rates

United Healthcare has just made some big changes to their individual/family health insurance plans in Colorado. Some of the best improvements are: More flexible underwriting, including a height and weight chart with expanded limits. A first-day wellness benefit. More deductible options United Healthcare was already one of our favorites for underwriting on impaired risk cases. […]

C-Sections, Maternal Death, and Health Insurance

According to new government data, maternal death from childbirth is on the rise in the US, up to 13 deaths per 100,000 live births – 30 years ago the rate was 10 per 100,000 live births. The increase is attributed to several factors, including changes in how deaths are reported in some states, increasing maternal […]

Even More Thoughts On Pregnancy Coverage

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written here and here about paying for pregnancy. I think that my ideas are sound, but Jay’s post yesterday made me rethink some of my plan. The program I envisioned would separate maternity care from health insurance, and would pay for pregnancy using tax money combined with contributions from […]