5280 Magazine Needs Denver Area Self-Employed for Health Insurance Article

Are you a Denver area resident who’s self-employed and had to navigate getting individual health insurance? Or do you fall somewhere in this description—“the self-employed, freelancers or ‘accidental entrepreneurs’ who started their own business or began doing freelance/contract work after being laid off from full-time positions during the economic turmoil of recent years”?

I’m writing a short article for 5280 magazine and would like to talk to about your experience. I would ask a few questions and potentially use a few short quotes. It should take about 10-15 minutes. I would be glad to speak at your convenience, but it will need to be during the week of July 30. You may contact me at jeremyvjones@comcast.net or 719-649-3634.

Wild Wild West of Electronic Medical Records

This article was sent to us through our contact form from “Sandra” as an entry is our open mic/guest blogger category. Sandra is not a client of ours, but says she found our guest blogger category while researching her situation and would like her opinions published. We kept Sandra’s requested title for the post and […]

Guest Blogger – Effects of Health Care Reform Legislation

[…] Carol indicated that it was the consensus of everyone she has talked with that $5 billion won’t come close to covering the cost of these high-risk pools in 50 states for four years. She and a number of other Medicaid commissioners are leaning away from expansion or development of new high-risk pools in their states, not for political or philosophical reasons, but because the pools don’t make economic sense. As the federal bill is written, if states don’t act, a federal high risk pool is to be created to fill essentially the same function.

Designing An Effective, Enforceable, Individual Mandate

[…] As readers of the Colorado Health Insurance Insider know, Insurance markets pool risk. An insurance system will only work if the exposures of low risk individuals are pooled together with the exposures of higher risk individuals. Life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance; they all work the same way. If health insurers are required to offer guaranteed access without an effective mandate requiring all Americans to maintain coverage, there would be a clear disincentive for healthy people to secure or maintain coverage. […]

Guest Blogger Writes About Health Care Reform

[…] Over half of all Americans have gone without needed health care (such as doctor visits, medications, and other treatments) due to cost. In most cases, it’s preventative care that suffers. That neglect leads to far higher costs for patients and society in the long run. In light of this study, many are calling for health care reform in the United States.

Guest Blogger – Concerns About Health Insurance

Today’s Guest Blogger is J.A., an RN, who submitted via our “Be A Guest Blogger” page:
I am paying COBRA, health and dental at $640. per month. I am a nurse, recently diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at age 50, this year. Cobra is 18 months with 11 month extension. I was informed I have to exhaust COBRA timeline before being eligible for Cover Colorado […]

Open Mic – Claims Dispute

At the Colorado Health Insurance Insider, we’ve decided to start an “open mic” so our readers can express their views in an open forum. They’ll be able to get feedback from other readers and engage in discussions about Colorado health insurance topics. The opinions expressed in the “Open Mic” category do not reflect those of […]