Dentists Overprescribing Antibiotics and Avoiding Health Care Reform

In  a great Grand Rounds at Get Better Health, MD Whistleblower had a couple good observations:

  • Dentists prescribe prophylactic antibiotics (ATBs) with routine recklessness… Many dentists irrationally prescribe ATBs before teeth cleanings and other procedures.
  • Not a syllable in the ~2000 page health care reform law that affects dentists.

Dr. Kirsch has a very well written article along with nicely placed puns, but this seems to sum it up well:

When physicians and dentists prescribe unnecessary ATBS, there are many adverse consequences. Here is a sampling.

  • Money is wasted.
  • Resistant bacteria emerge that can be more difficult to treat.
  • It teaches patients to expect and demand ATBs when they are not indicated.
  • Potential of serious side-effects and drug interactions.
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