Friday Health Plans

Friday Health Plans is a local Colorado based health insurance company.

Friday Health Plans has been quickly gaining popularity since they were called “Colorado Choice Health Plans”. Friday Health Plans is a locally founded and operated health insurance company. They’re based in Southern Colorado (Alamosa). Friday has always had dependable customer service. In the past few years, Friday has increased the size of its network dramatically and now has one of the most competitive provider networks in Colorado.

Friday uses the latest technology to provide a modern consumer experience while managing, billing, claims or accessing one of the many extra benefits offered on all plans. In our experience, Friday has been one of the easiest carriers to work with and fix issues when they do arise.

Friday Health Plans offers robust coverage on most of their plans available in Colorado, even the value Bronze and Catastrophic plans. Most plans (not HSA’s because of the coverage requirements HSA’s have) come with 3 free doctor visits, free generic drugs, an annual eye exam for all members, doctor visits by phone or video, and Dispatch Health.

Use this link to enroll directly through Friday Health Plans, or if you think you might qualify for a tax credit or subsidy, we can enroll you through the exchange, Connect for Health Colorado.

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Friday doesn’t require a referral from a Primary Care Physician (PCP) to see an in-network specialist. You can visit any in-network provider without a referral. Here is a summary of the Friday provider network:

  • Metro Denver: SCL-5 Hospitals, all Centura facilities, National Jewish, Children’s Hospital, New West Physicians, 19 Concentra Urgent Care facilities
  • Boulder: Boulder Community Hospital
  • Colorado Springs: All Centura facilities, Three Hospitals, Children’s Hospital, Twelve Urgent Care facilities
  • Pueblo: All Centura facilities, Two Hospitals, Two Urgent Care facilities
  • Southern: All Centura facilities, 19 Hospitals, Three Urgent Care facilities
  • Northern: Banner Health (facility exclusive), Ten Hospitals, Two Urgent Care facilities