Grumpy Cat and the Health Wonks

Steve Anderson hosted the Health Wonk Review this week at Medicare Resources, and it’s not to be missed.  It features Grumpy Cat, but despite the grumpy theme, you might just LOL.  And ponder something that “could turn your frown that was upside down back the way it was”

One of my favorites in this edition is from Joe Paduda, who wrote a very succinct summary of Florida’s Medicaid expansion dilemma.  Complete with an analogy about a guy who kept a cottonmouth in a pillowcase and then took it out to give it a kiss, with rather predictable results.

Peggy Salvatore’s article about health information technology is a reminder of how fast technology is advancing, and how mired in the past our medical record system still is.

There’s a lot of other good stuff in this edition of the HWR.  Many thanks to Steve for hosting!


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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Louise!
    You turned my frown that had been turned upside down and then turned back down right back up the way it should be.

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