Health Wonks Wonder… Will ACA Repeal Really Happen?

Steve Anderson hosted this week’s “#Alternative_Facts” edition of the Health Wonk Review, at It’s an excellent edition, and each entry in framed in terms of an #alternative_fact… of course, the alternative-ness depends a bit on your perspective.

My favorite? Joe Paduda’s assessment that ACA repeal isn’t actually going to happen soon, and might not happen at all. Joe makes a strong case for impending ACA repeal being an #alternative_fact. Last fall, Trump and Republican lawmakers were saying that a repeal bill would be on Trump’s desk by January 20. In mid-January, Congress passed a budget resolution to start the process of drafting said bill, with recommendations supposedly due to the Senate Budget Committee by January 27. But that date came and went two weeks ago. Since then

But that date came and went two weeks ago. Since then, Paul Ryan has said that he wants to see a repeal vote by March or April, and Trump has said that it might take until next year.

Keep in mind that a reconciliation bill to repeal the ACA would need 50 votes in the Senate (plus Pence as a tie breaker). There are only 52 Republicans. So if three of them get cold feet about the idea of repealing the ACA without a solid replacement on the table, repeal won’t pass. And Congressional Republicans are still a long way from agreeing on a replacement proposal.

If you haven’t checked out the Health Wonk Review this week, put it on your list of weekend reading. There’s something for everyone in this edition. Many thanks to Steve for hosting!

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