Healthcare Affordability And Quality: Two Perspectives

Our friend and fellow blogger Maggie Mahar hosted the most recent Health Wonk Review, and it’s one of the most impressive I’ve seen yet.  Maggie thoroughly analyzed every article in the HWR, including additional resources and links where necessary and providing her own voice to go along with each author.  Nicely done, Maggie!

 One of my favorite posts in this edition comes from Dr. Jaan Sidorov of Disease Management Care Blog.  Dr. Sidorov writes in his usual thoughtful style, considering potential problems that could arise in terms of healthcare affordability and quality as healthcare reform marches on.  He notes that the problem of access to care has been well addressed:  30 million additional Americans will soon have health insurance coverage (although we have to bear in mind that health insurance coverage and actual access to care are not necessarily the same thing, especially if the health insurance in question is Medicaid or another public plan).  But he goes on to point out that healthcare affordability and quality are areas with some wrinkles that still need to be ironed out.

What makes this post especially interesting is Maggie’s equally well-though-out response that she included in the HWR.  Be sure to read what both of them have to say.  Maggie references a couple of her previous posts and provides plenty of evidence to back up her premise that affordability and quality of care are both being addressed and that the solutions are working (or will be soon).  Definitely an interesting collection of views from two of our favorite healthcare writers.

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