Healthcare reform, six years in

Brad Wright hosted the Health Wonk Review this week at his blog, Wright on Health. There’s something for everyone in this edition, as the topics run the gamut from single payer to carriers’ financial outcomes in the exchange, and from the opioid crisis to end-of-life care. The ACA was signed into law more than six years ago, and although it’s no longer the bulk of everyone’s focus in the health wonk world, it still makes for very interesting articles.

Some of my favorites this week were from Andrew Sprung, Anthony Wright, and Joe Paduda.

Andrew takes a look at why some health insurance carriers are thriving while others are failing in the exchanges, Anthony combines several current healthcare reform ideas into a¬†framework for moving the country forward – ACA 2.0? – and Joe examines what we know – and what we don’t know – in terms of the ACA’s impact on employment.

Many thanks to Brad for hosting!

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