Holiday Health – Oh what fun it is!

Julie Ferguson hosted the Holiday Edition of the Health Wonk Review today at Workers’ Comp Insider – don’t miss it!

The HWR leads off with a piece in Health Affairs written by several notable ACA opponents. It outlines their alternate vision for reforming healthcare, and is sure to resonate with other ACA opponents. Some aspects of it will ring true even for ACA proponents. One way or another, it’s a controversial piece about a controversial issue, and is certain to stir debate.

At, Amy Lynn Smith explains how Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged v. Burwell means that access to all forms of contraception is once again being threatened. The Supreme Court will hear the case next year, so we’re heading into 2016 with a sense of deja vu in terms of whether or not employers will be able to exert their religious beliefs into employees’ medical decisions.

Sleep deprivation among people training to become doctors has been in the news off and on for years. Anyone who has ever worked too much and slept too little can attest to the fact that productivity and accuracy decline when sleep is compromised – it has always seemed counterproductive that we expect doctors-in-training to operate on far too little sleep, given the life-or-death importance of what they’re doing while awake. So I was fascinated by Dr. Roy Poses’ article. Apparently, physician trainees in the study were working up to 36 consecutive hours, and Poses questions whether the research violated the Nuremberg Code. Heavy stuff.

There’s plenty of other good reading in this edition of the Health Wonk Review. Many thanks to Julie for hosting! And if you write about healthcare on your own site, be sure to submit an article to be considered in the next Health Wonk Review, which will be hosted by InsureBlog on January 14.

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