How to Get Health Insurance for Jackasses

Jackass: Number Two hits theaters tonight and the first thing I think of when I watch that movie is “I hope they have good health insurance”.

Johnny Knoxville said he was sure they were going to die while filming the Jackass sequel, so they asked studio execs to shell out $7 million in insurance coverage to protect them. According to, the precautions weren’t unwarrented—Knoxville said he just about died during the soon-to-be-infamous rocket-launching stunt.

“When the rocket exploded in one stunt—there was like a foot-long metal rod that went right out next to my side. It was close!”

So getting insurance was obviously going to be a chore. “I don’t get it man. This is supposed to be routine. What’s with the hang-ups and special treatment? This royally sucks,” complained Knoxville.

Met Life insurance claims adjuster, Anthony Thomas said, “I don’t think that it is Knoxsville’s best interest to be on our premium plan. I saw last week’s episode of Jackass. He almost died! That is why we created the Jackass plan, which reads as follows: In the event of serious injury, Johnny’s deductible will be equal to his Maui home, the proceeds to his last three films, and his Hummer.”

Knoxville wasn’t pleased with this, “I can always get insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield. Their deductible equals the royalties from Season 1 of Jackass plus my first film,” he said.

So before any morons out there see this movie and try to re-create some of the stunts, make sure you have good health insurance first.

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