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Here are testimonials from some of our Colorado health insurance clients that were nice enough to post their thoughts about us:

Dear Insurance Shoppers...

- - "Jay:
Happy New Year! Mine is a little less stressful because of your intervention with my insurance claims. I don't think I would have been able to resolve my claims without your expertise. Everything seems to have fallen into place and makes more sense.
Thanks again for all your help.

after even more claims problems...

Thanks so much Jay, without your help and the contacts you have at [the health insurance company] I would never have been able to get any of my claims corrected. I do so appreciate your expertise.
Rhonda Carmichael

Rhonda Carmichael
Arvada, CO

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Colorado Health Quotes Health Insurance Colorado Health

- - "I'm glad Lori told us about you. Since we don't have the time to worry about our health insurance, it's comforting to know that as our needs have changed, you're there to help our insurance change with them "

Jerry and Pam MacLennan
Golden, CO

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Diane Lockner is a self employed real estate agent in Larkspur, Colorado. She has been our client for a few years now and has been so impressed with our service that, without our even asking her to, she made an entire page on her real estate website to recommend us to people that visit the site. The link she made to that page from the rest of the website is titled "The Best source for health insurance that I have ever found"... BeautifulHomesInDenver.Com

Colorado Instant Quotes

- - "Thanks Jay. You and Louise are unbelievably helpful. I will never hesitate to refer you to anyone who is looking for health insurance."

Cora Schmidt
Golden, CO

Colorado Instant Quotes

- - "you have been SO helpful and made this much easier than it would have been otherwise. thank you very much. jon and i will definitely recommend you to any of our friends that look for health insurance in the future."

Jon and Lianne Busbee
Louisville, Colorado

Colorado Instant Quotes

- - "Jay,
Iím so glad you pointed [HSAs] out to me. Iíd heard of HSAs before, but I didnít put it all together and realize how much better they can be over the type of health insurance Iíve always had before.
I took the money I saved in premium by having the HSA and Iím investing that exact amount into my health savings account every month. Then, if I need to go to the doctor I just take the money from the health savings account (which would have just gone to the insurance company) to pay for it.
#1) That will count toward my deductible
#2) That money has never been taxed or counted as income
#3) If I stay healthy and donít need to use all of it, that money is going to my retirement instead of to the health insurance company.


.....Rex was replying to a post I made on our blog, The Colorado Health Insurance Insider, describing exactly what a copay is and why an HSA qualified plan can be a better option than a copay plan.

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- - "Thanks for the good news and thanks again for all your help in the process. I'd have been lost without it."

Leslie P.
Aurora, CO

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- - "You took all of the stress out of this. You've helped us so much over the last several years that we'll always be happy to send you our friends. I like knowing we can call you anytime we need help. Thank you so much!"

Victoria Olson and Amy Ash, Owners - Crazy Amy's Consignment City
Boulder, CO

Health Insurance Colorado

- - "Insurance shoppers helped me so much. They bent over backwards and did things that probably wasn't in their job description. They even went back to their office on a weekend waiting on a fax for me. That is awesome service!! If it wasn't for them, we would not have insurance. They are great and I wouldn't ever go anywhere else to find health insurance. If you want someone to listen to you and take personal care of you, these are the people to have. They do not push and hurry with you they take their time and explain. WOW!!! If you are shopping for health insurance,, they are the best!!!!"

Terrie Perue
Arlington, Colorado

Health Insurance Colorado

Colorado Health Health Insurance Colorado Insurance

- - "I really appreciate how you got to know us and made sure that we are only covered for what we need. We can take care of the small things. We just want to protect what we have worked so hard for over the years."

Tom and Karen Groover, Owners - Groover Spinal Care
Boulder, Colorado

Colorado Instant Quotes

- - "I just wanted to let you know how glad we are that we found you. It's been so much better working with you than other agents we've ever worked with because it doesn't feel like we were being being sold - just helped!"

Greg and Jordan Halvorson
Fort Collins, Colorado

Colorado Health Quotes

- - "You guys have made it so easy to understand what I'm buying. I'm usually not comfortable talking about health insurance, but I feel so much better now that I actually know what I am covered for and what my options are if I ever want to change."

MaryAnn DeGroot, Travel Agent
Westminster, Colorado

Colorado Life and Health Insurance

- - "Thank you for following up with me on a regular basis to re-evaluate our needs. It is nice to know that I am always getting the best coverage for us at the best price. I have recommended you to anybody I know needing insurance."

Nick and Linda Williams
Conifer, Colorado

Colorado Health Insurance Recommendation

- - "Hi Jay and Louise-
Thanks again for all your hard work.  I received my cards today and the payment went through.  I cannot thank you enough for making this process so easy as it was the first time that I have had to get insurance on my own.  I will definitely refer you to any friend of mine that needs insurance.
Best regards,


Eric Richards
Denver, Colorado

Colorado Instant Quotes

- - "We don't know what we would do without Louise keeping in touch with us and helping us understand our options as things have changed over the years. She took all of the hassle out of keeping up to date on our health insurance coverage."

Nancy and Phil Hickey, Retired
Nunn, Colorado

Colorado Instant Quotes

- - "Thanks for all your help Jay...I will certainly recommend you to friends!!

Perrin and John Rutter
Boulder, Colorado

Colorado Instant Quotes

- - "Hey Louise,
I have to say that you guys rock!!  I am not trying to be “unprofessional” in any way but it is so hard to come by real customer service these days and you and Jay definitely provide outstanding service!.....
......I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your invaluable information and advice as well as the courtesy of taking care of us when we have not paid you a dime.  We look forward to working with you and Jay and please let me know if you have any further questions for us.  Have a wonderful afternoon and weekend Louise and thank you so much!!
Best Regards,
Stacy and Bill Taylor

Thornton, Colorado

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