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Tonik Health Insurance from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Colorado

Tonik Health Plans are So Simple, You Can Understand Them With a Concussion

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thrill seeker
A.K.A. 5000

monthly cost
$83-$100 per month
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doctor visit copay
(4 visits/year)
annual deductible
prescription drugs
(generic only)
pay $100 for each ambulance service
emergency room care
pay $100 for each visit
other professional services
pay $0 after you meet your deductible
preventive care
pay $0 after you meet your deductible
overnight hospital stays
pay $0 after you meet your deductible
if you don't stay overnight
pay $0 after you meet your deductible
physical/occupational therapy, chiropractic care
pay $0 after you meet your deductible. 12 visit maximum--in & out of network.
vision coverage

(in network) get $50 for routine eye exam, regular glasses, contact lenses, or even sunglasses.
want more? get up to $100 for frames every 24 months, and you'll pay just $25 for most eyeglass lenses.
no paperwork. no hassle.
like wearing contact lenses instead? get up to $80 for the contacts every 24 months.

dental coverage - details
annual deductible
cleanings, exams, & x-rays

**Any descriptions of coverage on this page may not be current and should not be taken as a description of coverage. Any persons seeking to get a full description of coverage should view Colorado plan description forms and/or brochures for the plan they are interested in.

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