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Why United Healthcare Colorado?

United Healthcare Colorado, underwritten by Golden Rule, is very popular for money saving higher deductible plans. United Healthcare of Colorado has been dedicated to the individual health market since 1946. Serving individuals and families is their primary focus. United Healthcare develops health plans that strive to make health coverage more affordable for more Coloradoans. A recognized pioneer, and one of the nation's leading providers of Health Savings Account Plans, United Healthcare Colorado continues to seek new ways to build plans with the benefits you need... at prices you can afford.

United HealthOne recognizes the importance of being responsive to the service needs of their customers. That's why more than 94 percent of all health insurance claims are processed within 10 working days or less. A United Healthcare Company, Golden Rule offers plans with access to quality providers and facilities, with network discounts and savings.

United Healthcare has an A.M. Best rating of "A" (Excellent).

Optional Benefits

Dental Insurance

United HealthOne allows you to add an excellent dental insurance plan to a United HealthOne health insurance policy, or even purchase the dental insurance on its own. The United Health Colorado individual/family PPO dental plan has a network of over 73,000 dentists, preventive care covered with no deductible or waiting period, and a low $50 calendar year deductible for basic and major services. For more details, you can get quotes and apply online for the United Health One dental plan here.

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