Having good vision insurance coverage can be an excellent motivator to keep up with regular eye exams and keep prescriptions up to date.  It’s not meant to protect you from catastrophic incidents, like medical coverage, but you can save some money if you like to keep up with your annual exams and regularly need new lenses.

For Family Coverage

There are a variety of vision coverage options. The rates vary by age, location, and family size. Contact us to narrow down your best vision coverage option.

For Individual Coverage

For a single person, the most competitive option right now is with Vision Care Direct.  Vision Care Direct has a variety of options. The most popular option is the Platinum Complete Plan.

Of course, your optometrist may only take certain vision plans. It’s important to check with your vision service provider about network availability before purchasing a plan.

Compare Vision Plans and Apply Online with Vision Care Direct

Exam Benefit A comprehensive eye exam once per year with a $15.00 fee at time of service.
Frame Benefit Up to $130.00 applied toward any frame once per year.
Lenses Benefit New basic lenses once per year with a $15.00 fee at time of service. $180.00 for no-line multi-focal lenses is included in this plan.
Contacts Benefit Up to $130.00 applied toward contact lenses or fitting fees once per year in lieu of the frame and lenses benefit.
Yearly Monthly
Individual $224.86 $18.74
Family of 2 $420.55 $35.05
Family of 3 $647.46 $53.96
Family of 4+ $850.82 $70.90