Why We Don’t Sell Discount Health Plans

A good reason that I sell health insurance for all of the top carriers in Colorado is because I’m not a very good “salesperson”.  I understand the in’s and out’s of all of the different plans and all of the variables affecting coverage like stability of the companies, underwriting, and how they do rate increases.  If you’re a nerd like me, and understand all these details about health insurance, it’s pretty easy to just give all this information to a client and help them choose the plan they like best.

The reason I’ve never sold a discount health plan is because you need to lie.  Man, do you need to lie.  I can’t believe that people can pull it off.  They can talk to people who are looking for health insurance and tell them they’re getting full coverage with a $200 deductible, Rx, dental, vision, etc, for $175/month and it will cover their asthma, arthritis, and diabetes with no waiting period!?

I guess I’ve just never met any of the type of people who fall for this. 

 -On second thought, I guess there are those people who call us looking for just that type of coverage and when we explain that there isn’t anything like that; we get a good lecture about the problem with those greedy health insurance companies and they hang up on us.  I guess the next person they end up calling is Jeff Balog, who is more than happy to help them with what they’re looking for.

There are always going to be salespeople like Jeff out there waiting to meet the needs of that lady who hung up on me.

About Jay Norris

Jay operates a health insurance brokerage in Colorado, where he helps individuals and small groups obtain and maintain health insurance coverage.
Complimenting his work as a health insurance broker, Jay also provides data analysis and creates visualizations that are easily understood by consumers and other stakeholders in Colorado’s health insurance market.

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