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Start by getting Instant Health Insurance Quotes or Contact Us with your questions first. All Colorado health insurance covers in-network mandated preventive/wellness care before the deductible. Make sure to compare the rates on HSA health insurance plans.

Please be aware that the open enrollment period to apply for individual coverage ended on April 15, 2014. After that date, you must now experience a life qualifying event in order to apply for coverage. Examples of life qualifying events include but are not limited to; births, adoptions, marriage, divorce and involuntary loss of coverage. If you don’t have a life qualifying event, you must wait until the next open enrollment period in November to submit an application. Short term health insurance is your best option if you missed open enrollment.

Compare Short Term Health Insurance Quotes

Need coverage for less than 6 months? Missed the ACA Open Enrollment period? Get Immediate Short Term Health Insurance Coverage. Short term health insurance plans are not ACA compliant coverage, but if you are stuck without coverage for up to 6 months, the application is short and you can have coverage by midnight. It’s also a great alternative to COBRA  if you’re waiting for another health insurance policy to become effective.

Colorado health insurance companies Shopping for a health insurance plan that meets your needs, has optimal underwriting on your individual health history and has the best premiums can seem overwhelming and be frustrating. We only work the the most stable and reputable health insurance companies. But because each carrier has a wide variety of plans, the quoting tool still shows several hundred plans to choose from and can be very overwhelming. Don’t hesitate to call us at 720-352-7561 to have us narrow down your options to a manageable 3-5 plans. We’ll have you describe (in your own words) the type of policy you’re looking to get.  We’ll walk through a side-by-side price and coverage comparison of the best health insurance companies in Colorado. We’ll further explain the plan descriptions in easy to understand language.

You can be sure you have the best possible rates for the plan you need because the rates are always the same for any plan no matter where you buy it. We are a local Colorado health insurance broker working with only the most reputable and stable companies. We provide honest, unbiased advice about health, dental, and vision coverage with personal service at no cost to you. We’re located just north of Fort Collins in Wellington, but it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for health insurance in Denver, Boulder, or anywhere in Colorado. We can quickly email your narrowed down options and discuss them over the phone just like we’re meeting in person, saving you valuable time.

The Best Colorado Health Insurance Companies

We have over 10 years of experience with each of these stable and reputable health insurance companies in Colorado:

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