Health Insurance Colorado – Choosing the Right Company

We have over 10 years of experience of doing business with each of these carriers/plans/products offering a wide variety of solutions for health insurance in Colorado:

Choosing the Best Company for Health Insurance in Colorado

Health insurance in Colorado When you are shopping for a new health insurance plan, there are a lot of variables that go into choosing the right company and plan. The most obvious factors are coverage and price or quality factors like complaint ratios. But depending on where in Colorado you live, if you have pre-existing health conditions, how long you plan to have the policy, what you do for a living, your hobbies/activities, etc, – coverage and price might be very important factors when choosing health insurance in Colorado.

By letting Insurance Shoppers know as much as possible about you, we can do the math with all of these variables to find the best health insurance in Colorado. We can be a useful resource because this would be an overwhelming task if you don’t have a daily working knowledge of every health insurance company in Colorado like we do. And best of all, our services are free for you because while we are paid a commission by whatever health insurance company you end up buying a plan from, the prices are required to be the same no matter where you buy the policy – whether it is from a broker or directly from the company. We also continue to serve you after you’ve purchased the policy by helping with issues like billing and claims. We’ll also make sure you always have the most competitive health insurance policy available to you.

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Health Insurance in Colorado – What Matters Most?

We hear it all the time, “I didn’t think companies offering health insurance in Colorado could discriminate based upon my health history?” –  While it is true that you are guaranteed to be able to get health insurance in Colorado regardless of your health status, you will pay much less for an underwritten policy. People with a history of more serious health conditions like cancer, heart problems, or diabetes unfortunately won’t qualify for an underwritten health insurance policy in Colorado. They are required to get a guarantee issue policy like Cover Colorado, but guaranteed issue policies cost quite a bit more.

Customers with less serious health conditions like asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or arthritis will most likely qualify for an underwritten plan, but this is when having a knowledgeable broker is the most crucial. With a less serious health condition, there may be some companies that will still decline an applicant and a good broker may know of some that will approve the applicant with only an exclusion or a rate increase. Or, for other conditions, there may be health insurance companies that will approve the applicant with an exclusion, condition specific deductible or rate increase and a broker may know of a company that will approve the client standard with no exclusions or rate increases.