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Rocky Mountain Health Plans of Colorado is the only not for profit PPO in Colorado and is also a Colorado based company, headquartered in Grand Junction. This gives consumers the security of knowing they are putting your needs first, instead of the stockholders. Rocky Mountain Health Plans give you the freedom Rocky Mountain Health Plans HMO Coloradoand flexibility you want in a health insurance policy. With a wide variety of options, you can customize a policy to your individual needs. Compare their popular line of individual and family SOLO plans with prescription coverage, doctors visit copays, as well as HSA qualified options.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans is a very stable, reputable carrier, with great rates on a wide variety of plan options. Please contact us for more information.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) will be offering a variety of new, ACA-compliant individual health insurance plans both inside and outside the Connect for Health Colorado Exchange. Individual plans will be available statewide, with several limited network HMO options offered regionally on the Front Range and Western Slope.

In order to help fund the Affordable Care Act's (ACA) expanded coverage provisions for individuals below 400% of the FPL, the Federal Government has imposed a new fee on all fully-insured group and individual health plans. The fee is referred to as the Health Insurance Providers Fee. In 2014, the total to be paid nationally is $8 billion, increasing each year to $14.3 billion in 2018 and indexed thereafter. The 2014 fee is based on 2013 premiums. In order to pay the fee, Rocky Mountain Health Plans will begin collecting the fee starting July 2013. In the individual market, the fee will be $4.12 per member per month, for the rest of 2013. If you have a SOLO plan with RMHP and notice a line item on your bill labeled “Health Insurance Providers Fee”, now you’ll know what it is (be aware that the total collected is per member per month, so if you have a family of five on a RMHP policy, your bill will reflect a charge of $20.60/month starting in July). (read more about the health insurance providers fee)

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**Any descriptions of coverage about Rocky Mountain Health Plan on this page may not be current and should not be taken as a description of coverage. Any persons seeking to get a full description of coverage and apply with a paper application or an online application should view Colorado plan description forms and/or brochures for the plan they are interested in.

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